How best employers support their trans staff

Stonewall is committed to helping organisations support their trans staff and the wider trans community they serve.


How are the best employers supporting their trans staff?

1.     They recognise non-binary identities in their policies and activities

Non-binary is an umbrella term for people whose gender identity doesn’t sit comfortably with ‘man’ or ‘woman’. Although a big step forward, the Equality Act 2010 focuses on trans people who plan to, are undergoing, or have undergone gender reassignment. This is not inclusive of the entire, diverse trans community. The most inclusive employers go above and beyond the law – incorporating non-binary identities in their policies and activities.


2.     They have clear guidelines or procedures for people who are transitioning

Transitioning is a process that can encompass all areas of a person’s life and can cause numerous anxieties at work. Repercussions at work can be a prime factor in delaying transition, or choosing not to.The most inclusive employers have policies or procedures that enable people to transition while working in as stress-free a way as possible. These employers emphasise that every transition is unique and that trans people will lead any changes at work themselves.


3.     They have, or are striving to have, inclusive facilities

Trans people are often denied access to single-sex facilities such as toilets and changing rooms. This is particularly common for trans women, based on a discriminatory view that they aren’t ‘real women’.Employers committed to trans inclusion strive to implement inclusive facilities, such as gender-neutral toilets and private changing areas. These employers also support individuals to use the facilities that match their gender. They will not tolerate any discrimination towards trans people in their choice of facilities, including from staff, service users or customers.


4.     They have bullying and harassment policies that include zero tolerance towards transphobia

Transphobia often takes on different forms to homophobia and biphobia. It can range from direct discrimination, including verbal and physical abuse, to purposefully using incorrect gender pronouns.Trans-inclusive organisations have a bullying and harassment policy that communicates a zero-tolerance approach to all forms of transphobia. The best policies include explicit examples of transphobia and where it can occur.


5.     They publicly demonstrate their support for trans equality

Whether celebrating Trans Day of Visibility or Trans Pride, the best employers advocate for trans equality through their social media channels and public engagement.


Come Out For Trans Equality

The UK government is considering introducing vital new rights for trans people by reforming the Gender Recognition Act. A reform like this only takes place once in a generation – if we succeed, it could have a huge, positive impact on trans people’s lives. It won’t happen unless the government and lawmakers see trans people and allies coming out in support. Find out more and get involved at


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