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Homes England Jobs

Senior Service Designer - London
Public Sector
Service designers work with user researchers, market analysts, economists and policy makers from across the organisation to design end to end services.
Closes 06/10/2019 View Details
Senior User Researcher - London
Public Sector
Senior User Researchers lead in developing a deep understanding of the people - citizens, businesses or colleagues - who use a complex service.
Closes 06/10/2019 View Details
Lead Delivery Manager - London
You will enable a number of multi-disciplinary teams to deliver a range of products, services, and broader transformation initiatives.
Closes 06/10/2019 View Details
Assistant Director - Technology - BS1 6EH, CV1 2GN, NE11 0NA, LS11 9AT, L3 1BP, M1 4BT, CB24 3EN
IT, Public Sector, Digital
£78,000 to £90,000
Homes England is seeking a talented leader and technology strategist to head-up its architecture and software development capability.
Closes 27/09/2019 View Details
Portfolio Manager - Development Finance - London
The role is to ensure that homes and funding are delivered as planned in line with the risk appetite and annual budget of the agency.
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