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ACP Team - G7 Senior DevOps

Contract Type
IT, Public Sector
£55,646 - £62,861
Expiry Date
What is ACP - Application Container Platform This is a leading edge platform as a service system (PaaS), providing production grade Dev Ops capability across 50+ Home Office services.

Job Description


The Senior DevOps is responsible for the reliable use of our platforms. Your role is not only to maintain our platforms, but also design and build elements of them, working with our architects and standards. You will also consider the security of platforms, monitoring as necessary.

You will support long or short-term discovery within teams and with developers, helping them understand design constrains, and workforce/cost implications. You will advise on the CI/CD (Continuous Integration/Delivery) pipelines, ensuring those new users are able to deploy with appropriate speed. As necessary you may be working with a team long term to ensure effective working and maintain overall workflows.

The Senior DevOps will be expected to mentor and lead other engineers in technical tasks, as well as support recruitment and assessment activities.




Your key day to day responsibilities will be:

• Supporting teams in mapping their stories to the available platforms, helping effectively build and deploy secure services

• Undertaking skilled platform build/support activities, such as developing hardened base containers

• Spotting instances where teams are not using best practice; advising around delivery risk

• Supporting engineers in service topology discovery; helping to define QA and deployment pipelines

• Driving adoption of new tools so teams they can improve their integration approaches; developing new or improved support processes for users




• Learning and development tailored to your role

• An environment with flexible working options

• A culture encouraging inclusion and diversity

• A Civil Service pension