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Government Communication Service Internship

Contract Type
Media & Communications
£18,200 per year (£350 per week)
Expiry Date
The Government Communication Service (GCS) is the professional body for UK Civil Service communications professionals. Communication teams are based across government departments and agencies.

Job Description


Duration of Internship – 6 – 12 Weeks


Are you looking for a unique internship that will develop your skills and prepare you for a career in the communications profession?


Government communicators are behind many of the news stories you have read, heard or talked about today.


Lasting 6-12 weeks, the Government Communication Service (GCS) internship is aimed at students from diverse backgrounds at university level or completing a degree equivalent qualification.


From promoting international trade to public health and road safety, an internship in government communications will give you the opportunity to begin a challenging and fulfilling career. You will have the opportunity to work across a wide range of communications disciplines, delivering cutting edge work for the UK government.


We will offer you a paid internship within either a government department or agency, experiencing what it’s like to be a government communicator in the Civil Service. You will undergo an intensive programme of training and development, including an induction into the GCS, communications training sessions, a careers workshop and various networking events.


When you join the GCS you will quickly find that no two days – or hours – are ever the same. That’s because we are a proactive and innovative team of diverse professionals who thrive on communicating government policies to the public.


You will contribute to exciting new ideas and real issues that affect real people.


You could find yourself:


•           conducting research and analysing audience insight;

•           assisting with the creation and implementation of campaigns;

•           creating innovative content for social media;

•           working in a busy media office and with senior officials;

•           organising events across the UK;

•           providing project support; or

•           working on a major staff engagement programme.


Person Specification


We are looking for capable and motivated students in their penultimate or final year of university, and 2019 graduates, who are interested in a career in communications and passionate about working on important issues.


Successful candidates will be:


•           Interested in news stories and have an understanding of current affairs;

•           Able to determine appropriate communication tools and channels to deliver key messages

•           Able to evaluate the impact and effectiveness of campaigns

•           Flexible, proactive and able to work under-pressure to deadlines.

•           Passionate about making a difference;

•           Good written and oral communicators;

•           Organised and creative and demonstrate the ability to work effectively, independently and as part of a team




To apply, candidates must:


•           Be in their final two years at university or a 2019 graduate – in a communications related subject (awarded or expected) or

•           Be working towards a degree equivalent qualification (NVQ level 6)

•           Meet the nationality requirement and the right to work in the UK requirement: Open to UK, Commonwealth and European Economic Area (EEA) and certain non EEA nationals.

•           You must be a British citizen to work in some placements, and additional clearance checks may be required depending on your placement. Please note your placement and start date is dependent upon completion of security clearance.


 Candidates must also be from one or more of the following backgrounds:


•           Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME)

•           Lower social economic background.

•           Care leaver background

•           Candidates who consider themselves to have a disability