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HM Inspector of Railways - Trainee

Contract Type
Flexible Hours, Permanent
Public Sector
London; Glasgow, Manchester, Bristol, Birmingham
London £41,101 - £49,901 Regional £37,151- £45,224
Expiry Date
We are looking for enthusiastic, inquisitive and highly motivated individuals who want to make a difference to health and safety on Britain’s railways.

Job Description


The ORR has offices in London, Glasgow, Manchester, Birmingham, York and Bristol. We are currently recruiting trainee health and safety inspectors.

As one of Her Majesty's Inspectors of Railways you will regulate health and safety for passengers, the workforce and the public who use, operate and maintain Britain’s railways. The team you will work with is responsible for ensuring the railway industry meets the requirements of health and safety law and is working towards achieving zero industry caused fatalities. As an inspector you will carry-out planned site visits and investigate accidents and incidents. You will provide advice to duty holders and as necessary take formal enforcement action. You will also represent ORR to railway industry stakeholders including trade unions. 

You will be a warranted health and safety inspector, initially at Grade D. You can expect to move to a Grade C railway inspector role within 2 to 3 years providing you can demonstrate both inspector and railway competencies. Exceptional candidates who already meet all the inspector competences and/or have evidence of meeting railway inspection qualifications and skill sets and have appropriate experience may be fast tracked through to appointment as a full inspector. 

Training & Development 

There will be an intensive training and development programme, as well as line management support, to help you achieve the necessary inspector and railway competencies. Please note that continued employment as a health and safety inspector will be conditional on passing all assessed elements of the training. This will be set out in a formal training contract. 

Location & team 

You will be located in London, Bristol, Birmingham, York, Manchester or Glasgow. You will be in a team with other inspectors, working directly to a Principal Inspector (team leader). Initially you will work with others, but as your skills and knowledge develop, you will increasingly work on your own, but always with the support of your team. While you are undergoing training, you will be required to travel and work away from your home region. As an inspector you will be required to travel and work within your team's geographical work area, and there will be a requirement to work some unsocial hours. 

Key responsibilities: 

Your key responsibilities, although not exhaustive, will be to: 

  • Carry out site inspections and investigate accidents and complaints to assess compliance with health and safety legislation and the effectiveness of risk controls; 
  •  Identify breaches in health and safety legislation and weaknesses in risk controls; 
  •  Provide verbal and written advice to duty holders and stakeholders including trade unions; 
  •  Contribute to ORR’s overall assessment of industry performance; and 
  • Work collaboratively with your immediate team and colleagues across ORR and share information and intelligence. 

This description of the job may be subject to review, and is to provide you with guidelines within which you would work. Other duties appropriate to the grade may be assigned from time to time.