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Office for Communications Data Authorisations - Head of Knowledge Management

Contract Type
Public Sector
£35,114 - £40,380
Expiry Date
We are recruiting for a Head of Knowledge Management to join the Office for Communications Data Authorisations (OCDA).

Job Description


Communications data (CD) is the 'who', 'where', 'when', 'how' and 'with whom' of a communication, but not what was written or said, and includes information such as the person subscribing to a telephone service. 

Having access to CD is an essential tool for public authorities to investigate crime, protect vulnerable people and safeguard the public. CD is used in 95% of serious and organised crime prosecutions, and has been used in every major counter-terrorism investigation over the past decade. 

The new Office for Communications Data Authorisations (OCDA) will be responsible for ensuring that applications for access to communications data by authorities in the UK are assessed independently, rigorously and in line with newly strengthened legislation. OCDA will begin operations in 2019 and we are now recruiting for a Knowledge Management Lead to join the team. 

What are we looking for? 

We are looking for someone who is highly organised and analytical in their thinking, who is able to quickly assimilate large amounts of management information (MI), develop insights and draw analysis from this. You will use this analysis to advise OCDA’s senior leadership on strategic and operational decisions. You will also share some of this information with stakeholders across government and in law enforcement to enable broader decision making. 

As this is a new organisation you will have the opportunity to develop OCDA’s knowledge management strategy and establish new processes and procedures to meet the needs of the organisation and its stakeholders. You will also be responsible for providing advice and guidance to OCDA staff regarding OCDA’s knowledge management and knowledge sharing practices. 

What are my responsibilities? 

Reporting to the Chief Operating Officer (COO), you will be responsible for setting out how the organisation manages and shares knowledge as well as reporting on key performance information, such as processing times and performance against target response times. Your responsibilities will include identifying key CD trends and assimilating information regarding changes to the landscape that will impact OCDA’s operations. 

You will work with, and line-manage, knowledge management staff who will collate relevant data to inform your work. OCDA will operate over a number of offices in the UK, so you will be expected to travel. 

Please note the role has the potential to change slightly over time as the organisation evolves. 

For full job description and person specification please refer to the Candidate Information Pack. 

Qualifications and Experience 


• Analysing and reporting on key business information; 
• Ability to influence and affect change; 
• Excellent communication skills, written and oral, and proficient in writing reports for external audiences; 
• Competent IT user with experience of the Microsoft suite of applications (Word Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook). 


• Working within the civil service and/or public authorities.

Closing date: 24th June 2018.