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2020 Design and Verification Graduate

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Graduate Opportunities
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Are you creative, innovative, and enthusiastic about new technologies

Job Description

Are you creative, innovative, and enthusiastic about new technologies? Do you enjoy programming and have a knack for problem solving? We are looking for graduate engineers passionate about a career in digital hardware design and verification.

At Arm you will shape the future of technology and collaborate in the development of next-generation GPUs, CPUs, Machine Learning accelerators, and System components to power billions of devices worldwide.

Hardware Design & Verification Graduates Roles at Arm

We have exciting opportunities in the following hardware groups:

In the GPU group we design the latest graphics processors.
In the CPU group we develop mainstream processors ranging from high-performance cores to low-power micro-controllers.
In the Machine Learning group we create processors optimised for efficient machine learning applications.
In the Systems group we build the Interconnect, Display Processor, Image Signal Processor and other system components that are essential to achieving high performance system-on-chip designs.

As a graduate engineer you will directly influence the development of hardware IP that is used extensively in a wide variety of devices, from mobile phones and tablets to sensors to servers.

You will work on real projects from day one, with help and guidance from experienced engineers. Through teamwork, training, and dedication to personal development, we ensure that every graduate engineer learns about different aspects of our work, and becomes an expert in the field.

You will work in a multi-site, multi-cultural environment and will have the opportunity to work on different projects and with different groups through the graduate rotation programme.

What will your role be?

You will help to write specifications for the next generation of Arm’s IP products, analysing trade-offs between different options via modelling in C++ or a hardware description language (HDL).
You will develop IP in HDL, working with the rest of the design team to deliver a product with leading power efficiency and performance.
You will verify IP to the highest quality standards using a wide range of methodologies – constrained random simulation using testbenches written in SystemVerilog, running real applications on emulation or FPGA platforms, and using formal methods.

Job Requirements

Are you a good fit for Arm?

In order to be considered, you will need at least a Bachelor’s degree at 2.1 (or equivalent) in Electronic Engineering, Computer Engineering, Computer Science or other relevant subject. Other degree types may be considered with relevant experience.

Skills and experience that we look for in a hardware Design and Verification Graduate include:

An engineering mind-set with strong problem-solving skills
A keen interest in processors and digital systems
Understanding of computer architecture fundamentals
Familiarity with basic digital design concepts
Experience of at least one programming language
Excellent attention to detail
Creativity and ability to communicate ideas effectively
Good interpersonal and teamwork skills

Other desirable skills include:

Knowledge of one of the following: GPU, CPU, Machine Learning, or System architecture
Knowledge of design techniques for low power
Familiarity with a hardware description language, such as VHDL or Verilog/SystemVerilog
Exposure to verification techniques and testbenches (e.g. UVM and Formal)
Programming languages such as: assembly language (ideally Arm assembler), higher-level (e.g. C), object-oriented (e.g. C++)
Use of a UNIX environment and shell programming/scripting in e.g. Tcl, Perl, Python etc.
Exposure to low-level programming or driver development