2021 Global Summer Internship Program

Contract Type
Graduate Opportunities, Internship, Temporary
Banking & Finance, Engineering
10 - 15 Euros per hour
Expiry Date
The IPC Global Summer Internship Program runs annually from the beginning of June through the middle of August as a nine-week program.

Job Description

The IPC Global Summer Internship Program runs annually from the beginning of June through the middle of August as a nine-week program. We offer a paid internship and target both Technical and Liberal Arts Universities. Our program ran successfully in a remote capacity during the 2020 summer; the program will run remotely again this summer. It will be discussed closer to June if any program events can occur in person for local (Madrid) interns; the Covid-19 climate will be the determining factor.

Based on business need and long-term talent strategy, interns are aligned to specific roles based on their skills and background. The program curriculum encompasses both on-the-job learning in technical functions as well as soft-skills training; geared to leverage success in future career paths and to create a pipeline of future IPC talent.

Internship Program Goals:

For Interns:

  • Master technical skills; this varies by position
  • Perfect interpersonal skills (soft skills)
  • Build a network of professional contacts
  • Apply skills acquired through classroom learning to tangible hands-on projects
  • Explore professional interests
  • Experience company culture and exposure to a corporate environment

For IPC:

  • Maximize brainstorming power
  • Promote the organization and enhance our company branding
  • Leverage fresh perspectives to shift the status quo
  • Increase team productivity
  • Tap into promising future full-time talent; potential conversion into full-time hires for the IPC Emerging Talent Program (full-time opportunity geared towards those 1-6 years into their career.)


2021 Summer Intern Openings in Madrid:

  • Engineer


Sample Summer 2021 Program Events:

  • Senior Leadership Roundtable Sessions (Hosted by IPC’s Global Senior Leaders representing varying functions)
  • Resume Writing Workshop (hosted by HR)
  • Presentation Skills Training (hosted by Third Party Facilitator)
  • Former Intern Panel (hosted by former IPC summer interns who are now full-time employees)
  • Diversity & Inclusion Seminar (hosted by HR)
  • Virtual Social Events (hosted by HR)
  • Soft-Skills Training Workshop (hosted by HR)


Succession Planning from our Global Internship Program:

As employees either retire or advance within the IPC organization, it is vital to establish a strategy to fill the subsequent vacancies. Our internship program is one avenue to offer a solution to anticipated succession. By investing in our Global internship program, our pipeline becomes filled with highly qualified job seekers who are more familiar and interested in IPC when it comes time to fill open roles.

Open lines of communication during the program is key. At the half-way mark of our internship program we solicit the managers for insight into how their intern has acclimated thus far from both a project and technical stand-point as well as from an overall IPC culture fit. At this point, we socialize with each manager the idea of their intern either staying on board an additional few weeks after the formal program end date and/or continuing to work in a part-time internship capacity during the school year. A determination on extending the internship is based on several factors including business need, department approvals, and schedule coordination.

Our hope is that by maintaining good rapport and communication with our interns, many will make up our future junior talent at IPC as part of our Emerging Talent Program. The benefits of hiring our previous interns into full time positions are invaluable: It encourages cultural fit, reduces turnover, and ensures we are hiring quality talent.

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