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Account Directors, Contracted Health and Employment Services

Contract Type
Public Sector
London, Blackpool, Sheffield, Leeds with significant amounts of travel
*Salary Cicra £68,500
Expiry Date
The Account Director is responsible for driving up performance through effective supplier management of current providers, influencing providers to improve performance but also using the contractual levers within contracts.

Job Description

The Employment and other provisions role exists to manage the performance of the contracted employment programmes, with a budget of around £360 million including staff and operational costs, that support those who are long term unemployed and those with health conditions into sustained work, which is a key arm of the department’s overall objectives, and;

The HDAS role exists to ensure that the HDAS contract and the ASIS contract, collectively worth £190 million per annum, effectively deliver sufficient quality work capability assessments as part of the gateway to protect the public purse and provide claimants with the appropriate support.


Key Responsibilities


  • Accountable for the management of contracted and partner services to deliver consistent and timely outcomes to customers.
  • Single point of contact relating to all performance aspects of contracted out services supporting your account.
  • Responsible for living within the allocated budget and ensuring value for money with the emphasis on cost reduction while sustaining essential services.
  • Provides challenge and support to partners and suppliers, ensuring value for money and efficient use of contracts at all levels.
  • Promotes effective supply chain relationships.
  •  Works closely with providers to ensure they comply with clear standards, terms, aims and expectations in accordance with contracts.
  • Drives sustained performance improvement by ensuring that business targets and objectives are met in line with original business case assumption, accurately rewarding suppliers according to performance.
  • Maintains strong and effective working relationships with a wide range of external stakeholders including current providers and the potential supplier market through trade and industry networks and contacts.
  • Supports delivery of CHES and DWP aims, objectives and vision as a member of the CHES Executive Team.
  • Provides direct visible and inspirational leadership to the performance management function, as well as across suppliers and the wider DWP.


Key Relationships

  • DWP Ministerial Private Offices
  • DWP Operations / Commercials / Strategy / IT / Finance
  • Contracted Health and Employment Services Directorate
  • Cabinet Office
  • HM Treasury