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Agent Security Advisor

Homes England
5D0121, 5D0122
Contract Type
Public Sector
£21,000 to £26,000 plus London Allowance
Expiry Date
This is an exciting opportunity to join a newly formed Security Team in an expanding and rapidly developing agency.

Job Description

Homes England is currently forming a new Security Team which will include two Security Advisers reporting to the Principal Security Officer.  The Security Advisers will support the Principal Security Officer in the administration of security procedures, including security event reporting, pre-employment screening, ongoing personnel security, pass production and access control and providing security advice and guidance to staff.  The Security Advisers will be based at the Head Office in London, but must be willing to travel throughout the UK as required.

This is an exciting opportunity to join a newly formed Security Team in an expanding and rapidly developing agency. The two Security Advisers will share responsibility for supporting the Principal Security Officer in the development of security policies and the administration of security processes for pre-employment screening, security event reporting, security sweeps of regional offices, and pass production. Other responsibilities may be added to the roles as the Security Team develops. 

Homes England is the new national housing agency, recently launched to play a major role in fixing the housing market and enabling delivery of homes that our country needs. 

Homes England brings together land, money, expertise, and planning & compulsory purchase powers, with a clear remit to facilitate delivery of sufficient new homes, where they are most needed, to deliver a sustained improvement in affordability. We work locally in individual communities to help meet local priorities. 

We invest mostly in building new homes, but also in creating employment floor space and other community facilities, in cities, towns and villages across the country. The homes we fund include affordable homes for rent and sale, and homes for rent or sale at market prices. Our investment helps build around half of all new homes built in England each year. It also helps increase local growth by creating jobs and supporting businesses. 

We own public land, which we sell to house builders and others. This is one of the ways in which we overcome barriers to development and help increase the speed with which house builders can build new homes. 
Homes England is an executive non-departmental public body, sponsored by the Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government. 

Homes England was launched by the Secretary of State on 11 January 2018. Homes England is the trading name of Homes and Communities Agency. To find out more about what we do please visit: and find out more about how Homes England are Making Homes Happen