Air Chief Digital & Information Officer

Contract Type
Flexible Hours, Permanent
Digital, IT, Management
High Wycombe
Expiry Date
We are now recruiting a Chief Digital & Information Officer (CDIO) to play a pivotal role in driving the Royal Air Force towards this ambitious vision.

Job Description

The Royal Air Force seeks to become a Service that works, operates, and wins by, with, and through data and digital capability. The CDIO will play a pivotal role in driving the Royal Air Force towards this ambitious vision.

As the CDIO, you will lead the RAF’s work to deliver the objectives set in the Digital Strategy including:


Providing strategic guidance to the RAF’s Senior Leadership Team on matters relating to digital technologies, innovation, and data exploitation.

Guiding a diverse and high-performing team to deliver digital advantage.

Creating an inclusive culture, ensuring that diverse skills and talents are recognised, developed, and valued.

Shaping and promoting a ‘Digital-First’ culture that allows the RAF to leverage the power of its data.

Exemplifying and building a strong and dynamic culture of continuous learning and knowledge sharing.

Stakeholder Engagement

Being the RAF’s focal point for communicating with external stakeholders on Digital matters including engagement with the MOD Chief Information Officer, the other Services, wider Government, and international partners.

Leading RAF’s engagement with industrial and academic partners to build the capacity for innovative thought.


Setting clear digital direction for the RAF’s activities, to accelerate multidomain interoperability and improve operational and business outcomes.

Growing the RAF’s understanding of data, digital, architecture, and cyber/security, their utility to the organisation, our vulnerabilities, and the opportunities for wider adoption.

Building the RAF’s ability to exploit data as a strategic asset to place it at the heart of the Service’s decision-making processes.

Assuring that the RAF is aligned with HMG and MOD standards and protocols to exploit and protect our data and digital systems.