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Application Architect

Contract Type
Birmingham , Bristol , Leicester , London , Wakefield , Warrington
Expiry Date
We work across the agency to build a mechanism for achieving the alignment of enterprise and solution, technology architectures to the NCA’s strategic direction.

Job Description

• Help in the analysis of the NCA’s current information technology application estate and understand the operating context of each application (data, linked applications & versions, user profiles etc.)

• Assist in the development of the future application architecture for the NCA.
• Assist in the assurance, rationalisation and migration of NCA applications into their future end states.
• Analyse functional overlaps between applications to identify and drive rationalisation options.
• Develop and assist in the review of ICT architecture and application designs, to ensure compliance with NCA design principles and standards and industry good practice.
• Develop and assure design documentation including High Level Designs (HLD) and other associated documents where relevant.
• Assist in the development and maintenance of the applications strategy and roadmap to ensure these align with agency strategic direction.
• Participate in workshops and similar consultations with users and others to identify user needs.
• Look across the agency and externally to identify and learn from application architecture developments and trends.