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Applications Support Team Manager

Contract Type
Birmingham , Bristol , Leicester , London , Wakefield , Warrington
Expiry Date
We are currently looking to recruit a G3 Applications Support Team Manager in either Wakefield, Warrington, Birmingham, London, Leicester or Bristol.

Job Description

IT Operations are looking for a G3 manager to lead a team of applications support and maintenance staff working across some of the Agency’s key applications. Currently consisting of six posts split into two teams, we are looking for someone to find and implement common ways of working, and to provide a model for growing capabilities. You will bring your experience of managing and building teams to bear in building a function that can seamlessly work across differing approaches to application delivery and governance. You will be able to work across organisational and geographic boundaries and will bring a keen and demonstrable end-user focus. The role will require you to work flexibly to meet the day-to-day needs of the Agency, and to be able to prioritise the work of the team in response.


• Manage a group of application support staff across multiple locations.
• Apply expertise in IT Service Management, and to lead on the implementation of ITSM processes in line with the application support function.
• To work closely with project teams to understand the DevOps approach to delivery, and to integrate differing governance and delivery models to the service.
• Work flexibly across a portfolio of applications, applying appropriate levels of control and delegation as appropriate.
• Lead flexibly within a demanding environment, and to lead the development of the application support function in line with the requirements of the service