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Assistant Analyst, Donor Funded Operations

European Bank for Reconstruction and Development
Contract Type
Fixed Term
Accountancy, Banking & Finance

We offer competitive base salaries and annual performance-based bonuses.

Expiry Date
17/03/2021 15:48:00
Responsible for recording, checking and posting a large volume of varied transactions on a daily basis, verifying accuracy of provided data and information and ensuring their adherence to the Donors and Bank’s policies. 

Job Description

Profile description:


The Operations Finance teams within Operations Service Management (OSM) are responsible for ensuring all Resident and ASB Offices comply with best practice when carrying out their accounting and financial management duties. The teams are also responsible for carrying out quarterly and annual checks to ensure the offices are complying with the guidelines and provide training to the Resident Officer (RO) Budget Officers and Office Managers. In addition, they make sure that all the expenses and Bank and Donor funded invoices are checked and settled in an accurate and timely manner.  This requires accurate capture of data in SAP to ensure that the Donor Funded commitments and the Bank’s departmental budgets are reported correctly.  The team is also responsible for ensuring that all cost recovery arrangements are accurately recorded in SAP and for submitting claims to the relevant authorities for the recovery of taxes.

The role interacts with and provides guidance to external clients and a wide cross section of departments within the Bank. Assistant Analysts are required to process the Bank’s transactions in an accurate and timely manner without exposing the Bank to unnecessary operational or reputational risk.  Therefore, it is important to establish good working relationships with all parties involved and ensure that a high level of guidance and control is consistently provided.

 Ops Finance team has the following key functions :

  • policy control
  • monitoring and verification
  • advisory function
  • review and compliance
  • reporting


Education level: Bac +1

Work experience: 1-2 years

Start contract date: 15-02-21
European Bank for Reconstruction and Development