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Authorised Firearms Officer

Contract Type
Public Sector
£30,154 - £33,504
Expiry Date
To provide an armed and unarmed covert surveillance response in accordance with business requirements.

Job Description

• To contribute to the acquisition and development of tactical and strategic intelligence focused on serious and organised crime affecting the UK.

• Participate in operations and investigations, gathering information, intelligence and evidence in order to build knowledge of serious and organised crime and support the achievement of Agency objectives.

• Provide advice on legislation, policy and tactical options to assist in the planning and implementation of investigations and operations.

• Provide tactical and strategic support to Agency business through research, target profile development, the collection and analysis of evidence/data, production and dissemination of intelligence and evidential products as appropriate.

• Ensure the quality, secure handling and dissemination of intelligence, maintaining confidentiality, sensitivity and duty of care in line with Agency policy.

• Conduct case management, and create, maintain and update departmental records, including operational or programme activity spreadsheet, case files and monthly reports.

• Supervise staff or co-ordinate the work of a small team.

• Build good working relationships with both internal and external partners.


Essential Criteria

You will be required to supply evidence of:

• PIP1 or a recognised qualification/

• Accreditation in investigate crime issued by a Government body.

• Level 1 Surveillance trained and Advanced driver.


Experience Criteria

You will be required to supply evidence of:

• Good knowledge of the Authorised Professional Practice of Armed Policing.

• Good understanding of UK or international legislation affecting NCA/ Police Service Investigations.

• Good understanding of risk management in an operational environment.