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Brand Executive

Contract Type
Marketing & Public Relations
Expiry Date
Our Brand Executive is the rock star of our Corporate Office! Entrusted to promote and safeguard the corporate brand, they work closely with our Head of Brand and brand department.

Job Description

A day in the life of our  Brand Executive… it demands high levels of energy in order to keep up. They need consistency even though the days are never alike; and creativity to tackle daily adventures. Listing all of the tasks that our Brand Executive accomplishes would be lengthy but the list below is essential to know.  

  • Our  Brand Executive is responsible to coordinate the production of marketing materials including flyers, posters, adverts, hotel collateral and any ad hoc requests. This will include liaising with the different suppliers and our hotels and organizing the effective distribution of the materials to ensure our brand and hotel stay at the top of the game.
  • Sometimes our Head of Brand will need special support from the Brand Executive to complete some exciting projects, as well as planning, coordinating and managing our photography and video shoots with the hotels, photographers and stylists.
  • As we are present in different countries, our Brand Executive helps with the coordination of the translations as well as coordinating phone and video conference calls. They also raise purchase orders, ensure invoices are signed by the relevant parties and to ship material. Our Brand Executive is always ready to support the brand team including designers and copywriters in an administrative capacity.
  • Our hotels are truly luxury hotels. This requires preventing and correcting the imperfections and blemishes that tend to come up. Our Brand Executive are relied upon to report these and work with several other positions to correct. 
  • Communication is what keeps our departments running perfectly. Our Brand Executive must communicate with other departments and extended hotel teams in order to ensure the alignment remains.

The items shared are essential. However, to ensure consistency, our Brand Executive are provided with specifics on how we care for their department and our hotel.