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Center Director

Contract Type
Education, Media & Communications
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Job Description

Business Unit Overview:

Position Description:


  1. 本职位负责一家华尔街英语学习中心的成功运营。
  2. 指导课程顾问的日常销售活动,以实现周期及月度销售目标。
  3. 与服务经理合作,维持运营中的WSE服务水准。
  4. 确保WSE政策与规程的全面落实,并在销售和服务团队中建立以服务为重心的文化。
  5. 发现并提交企业销售机会,与学员建立良好关系。
  6. 确保中心工作人员足额,通过培训、指导以及与人力资源团队的不断合作提高员工素质。
  7. 在WSE尊重、尽责和诚信的价值背景下,为客户和中心员工营造一个公平互助的环境。

Position Description:

  1. This position is responsible for the successful operation of a WSE Center.
  2. Give guidance to the Course Consultants for daily sales activities and to achieve periodic and monthly sales targets,
  3. Work with the Service Manager to maintain WSE service standards
  4. Ensure the full implementation of WSE policies and procedures in the Center, and create a service focused culture for both the sales and service teams.
  5. Identify and submit corporate leads, and build relationship with students.
  6. Guarantee center staff headcount, improve center staff through training, coaching, and continuously cooperate with WSE HR Team.
  7. Cultivate a fair and supportive environment for customers and center staff in the context of the WSE Values - Respect, Responsibility and Integrity.

Candidate Profile:


  1. 8年及以上直接销售经验(有B2C销售经验优先)。
  2. 3年跨国公司销售管理经验,至少管理过10名下属。
  3. 出色的销售技能,并需提供成功案例及所获奖项证明。
  4. 出色的沟通能力。
  5. 强烈的责任感与客户服务意识(必要时可接受灵活的工作时间安排)。
  6. 英语听说读写能力强。

Position Requirement:

  1. 8 years or above direct sales experience (Ideally B2C).
  2. 3 years sales management experience in MNC and have managed at least 10 subordinates.
  3. Excellent sales skills and you must provide evidence of success and awards.
  4. Excellent communication skills.
  5. High sense of responsibility and customer service mentality (flexible working schedule necessary).
  6. A good command of English.

Req Number: 5602BR

Position Title: Center Director

Country: CHN

HR Manager: Isabelle Gao

Business Unit: Wall Street English

Removal Date: 06-Jul-2018