Chartered Town Planner Apprentice

Contract Type
Fixed Term
Public Sector
Expiry Date
In partnership with the University of the West of England, we are looking for up to 4 Chartered Town Planner Apprentices who will work with us for 3 years. During this time, you will undertake an MSc in Urban Planning attending University 1 day/week

Job Description

For most of your apprenticeship you will be working as an Appeals Planning Officer, making recommendations, for the consideration of experienced Planning Inspectors, on planning appeals. You will travel across the country (chiefly in the southeast), carrying out site visits where developments are proposed. You will then evaluate evidence and arguments for and against the proposals, in order to make sound and robust views as to whether the appeal should be allowed or dismissed.

You will undertake an MSc in Urban Planning, attending University of the West of England (UWE) one day a week over two years. After successful completion of the MSc you will, in the third year, become a Chartered member of the Royal Town Planning Institute (achieving MRTPI status).  You will be in a paid role where you can see the practical applications of what you’re learning. You will be supported by our Apprentice Manager, mentors and colleagues to help you succeed.

We will introduce you to a range of planning casework and provide a gateway to an interesting and rewarding career in planning as part of a highly regarded, trusted and supportive organisation. You will develop the knowledge, skills and behaviours you need to become Chartered Town Planners. Accredited by the Royal Town Planning Institute (RTPI), it is relevant to those working across the public, private and voluntary sectors.