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Contract Type
Fixed Term
Expiry Date
04/06/2020 08:20:00

The Royal Navy is one of the world’s most versatile fighting forces. Above and below the waves, on land and in the air, we represent and defend the UK’s interests at home and abroad. However, we deliver more than just military power; we help police the world’s oceans, enforcing trade sanctions and preventing drug trafficking. We provide humanitarian relief in places of crisis worldwide and conduct world-leading scientific research of the oceans. We achieve all this because we work as a team of dedicated professionals. You can be part of that team.

We’re looking for men and women from all backgrounds and various levels of education, on a full-time and reserve basis, for positions such as engineers and submariners, nurses, logisticians and in the Royal Marines and the Royal Fleet Auxiliary. We are committed to ensuring everyone has equal opportunities for employment, training and advancement based solely on their merits and ability. By valuing diversity, individual skills and talents, we acknowledge our people are the most important factor in delivering operational effectiveness.

Job Description

Being a Chef in the Royal Navy is a catering career that’s literally miles from anything you could do at home. From high-volume catering on operations with the Royal Marines, to fine dining excellence for politically influential VIPs, you’ll learn how to run a supremely efficient operation.

Wherever you may be in the world, you’ll perform a pivotal role: making sure our most important asset – our people – have the fuel they need to get the job done.


Your role

  • Our world-class training means you’ll learn all the ins and outs of running a highly efficient commercial kitchen, including responsibility for ordering, receiving, and accounting for provisions to sustain the menus you’ll write.
  • Learn additional, crucial skills as an integral part of the advanced medical team, and as an Incident Board Operator, helping damage-control teams fight fires and floods.
  • Be part of the team whose role is a lot more than just food. Your crewmates, at all levels, look forward to mealtimes, so keeping high morale and optimised health are an essential part of the job.
  • Travel the world, learning all about new ingredients and cuisines to incorporate into your culinary repertoire.


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