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Chief Finance Officer

Contract Type
Banking & Finance, Public Sector
£88,000 - £162,500
Expiry Date
The Valuation Office Agency (VOA) is an Executive Agency of HMRC and is responsible for the valuation of properties and land across England and Wales

Job Description


Our work covers the following core areas:


  • We value around 25 million domestic properties for council tax, underpinning £26bn of revenue collected by local authorities.
  •  We support other types of national and statutory taxation by valuing properties for “right to buy”, fair rents, national taxation compliance work (including on capital gains and inheritance taxes), and handling appeals against the community infrastructure levy.
  • We determine Local Housing Allowance rates across England and support the setting of housing benefits.
  •  We collect and share data with other public sector organisations.
  • We support customers across the wider public sector through our valuation and surveying services (for example on HS2), bringing in around £15 million revenue.


Accountable to the Financial Secretary to the Treasury, the VOA is a national organisation with 53 offices across England, Scotland and Wales, employing 3600 people.  VOA is one of the largest employers of chartered surveyors in the UK.


Our Business Plans

  • Our Business Plan 2016 to 2018 which sets out our plans for achieving our strategic objectives and a forward look towards delivering our vision for the Agency, is available online at:


This is a Board level position that contributes to the corporate leadership, strategic direction and management of the VOA. The post reports to the Chief Executive and is a key member of the VOA’s Board, leading the strategic direction of financial, commercial, procurement, performance, risk and governance services across the Agency. The post holder will be expected to develop close and effective working relationships with fellow Board members and the finance community in HMRC and across government.


All Directors are members of the Agency’s senior leadership team and work with each other to provide corporate leadership to the whole Agency as well as their own team. The VOA expects all its senior leaders to operate in line with the Civil Service Leadership statement


Inspiring – about our work and its future
Confident – in our engagement
Empowering – our teams to deliver



The CFO will be responsible for developing and delivering the VOA financial strategy to meet the challenges of our operating environment they will be expected to make a significant contribution to building the Agency’s capability and develop an effective financial, commercial, procurement, and risk management approach enabling the Agency to respond to future challenges.


They will need to meet the challenges of the spending review by providing a strategic financial outlook to support the planning, development and execution of the Agency’s corporate strategy and business plans.


In addition, the CFO will ensure that effective risk management is embedded at all levels across the Agency and develop the robust governance and controls framework that are an essential foundation to both the delivery of business as usual and the success of our transformation portfolio.


They will need to provide strong corporate leadership, both individually and through membership of the Board and its committees, as well as effectively managing both internal and external stakeholders.


The CFO will lead the VOA’s financial, commercial and procurement functions as the Agency transforms its business environment and operating model, building high-performing teams within the CFO group.: Management Accounting; Financial Accounting; Business Planning & Investment; Governance & Risk; and Procurement & Commercial.  There are around 50 people in these teams predominantly split between London, Leeds and Manchester.