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Chief Information Officer for Defence Business Services

Contract Type
Administration, Public Sector
£75,000 pa FT
Expiry Date
The Defence Business Services (DBS) Chief Information Officer (CIO) is a key member of the DBS Executive Leadership team

Job Description

The post holder will also have leadership responsibility for the CIO team ensuring that the staff are properly aligned to support the delivery of DBS Transformation Strategy.



  • To lead the implementation of a Digital and Information strategy that is transformative in its ambition and facilitates a ‘digital first’ approach to systems and services.
  • Influence policy makers to ensure digital services are specified outcomes.
  • Shape DBS IS and ICT strategies to meet Government, and Departmental goals.
  •  Oversee change programmes to ensure delivery to PCT targets.
  •  Work with customers to ensure end to end services are secure and perform to agreed standards.
  • Rationalisation of ICT and Applications to increase responsiveness to change, reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction.
  • Develop the CIO workforce to deliver and support transformed services increasing the percentage of SQEP across the CIO Group.
  •  Optimise business processes to enable shorter and faster transaction times by exploitation of technology.
  • Work with stakeholders to deliver services on mobile devices enabling MOD to transform its workforce to one that can flexibly work anywhere anytime balancing the needs of the department with personal goals.
  • Remain within budgetary and other resource control totals.
  • Contribute to wider Departmental goals for increasing diversity and inclusion, and corporate responsibility.



  • Current maximum size of team is 350 with an annual budget of ca £39M comprising capital and resource budgets.



  •  Accountable to DBS CEO for delivery of business performance and transformational goals; and to other stakeholders for other information assurance standards.



Acting as a role model in leadership across the Ministry of Defence where we expect all of our senior leaders to be:


  • Inspiring about our work and its future
  •  Confident in our engagement
  •  Empowering our teams to deliver