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Course Consultant

Contract Type
Education, Media & Communications
Expiry Date
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Job Description

Business Unit Overview:

Position Description:


  1. 向潜在客户介绍华尔街英语课程,通过开发新资源与挖掘旧资源,持续稳定地实现个人销售目标。
  2. 通过团队合作实现由中心总监设定的每日、周期和月度销售目标,与同事和学员建立密切的关系,以达成销售和服务目标。
  3. 参加销售培训并做业务陈述,以便为潜在客户设计合适的课程,并按时完成个人目标。
  4. 完善课程顾问的学员跟进数据库,确保达成学习目标。
  5. 按时分析个人表现,开发个人和企业客户。
  6. 参加例会和销售培训,确保完成每日销售报告。

Position Description:

  1. Introduce WSE courses to potential customers and consistently achieve individual sales targets with new prospects and old contacts.
  2. Work as a team to achieve daily, periodic and monthly sales targets set by the Center Director. Build strong relationships with colleagues and students to reach both sales and service objectives.
  3. Attend sales trainings and execute sales presentations in order to design suitable courses for potential customers and achieve individual targets timely.
  4. Complete Consultant's student follow-up database to ensure learning objectives are reached.
  5. Analyze individual performance on time and build-up prospect, corporate clients.
  6. Attend regular meetings and sales trainings and ensure individual completion of Daily Sales Reports.

Candidate Profile:


  1. 1年及以上直接销售经验(有B2C销售经验优先)和/或客户服务经验。
  2. 出色的销售技能,并需提供成功案例证明。
  3. 强烈的团队精神和出色的沟通能力。
  4. 强烈的责任感与客户服务意识(必要时可接受灵活的工作时间安排)。

Position Requirement:

  1. 1 year or above direct sales experience (Ideally B2C) and/or customer service work experience.
  2. Demonstrable sales skills and provide evidence of previous success.
  3. Strong team spirit and good communication skills.
  4. High sense of responsibility and customer service mentality (flexible working schedule necessary).

Req Number: 5627BR

Position Title: Course Consultant

Country: CHN

HR Manager: Isabelle Gao

Business Unit: Wall Street English

Removal Date: 06-Jul-2018