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Crisis Management Lead

Contract Type
Energy & Manufacturing
Blaine, Washington
Expiry Date
The BP Cherry Point Crisis Management Lead will collaborate with the rest of the Security and Crisis Management team to ensure that Cherry Point Refinery crisis management plans are up to date and reflect changing risk scenarios.

Job Description

These crisis management plans include the Oil Spill Contingency Plan, Emergency Response Plan, and Business Continuity Plan. As the Crisis Management Lead, you will develop, manage, and deliver training to the facility Incident Management Team (IMT) and Business Continuity Team (BCT). This includes leading the design and implementation of drills and exercises intended to validate the ability to respond to scenarios identified in the site crisis management plans. You will be responsible for coordinating with the Battalion Chiefs and Shift Superintendents and ensuring collaboration and communication between the Emergency Resp onse Teams and the IMT. The Crisis Management Lead will assist with day-to-day administration of Crisis Management support contracts, tracking of the Crisis Management Budget, recruitment and retention of IMT members, and is responsible for ensuring maintenance of site Emergency Preparedness and Crisis Management infrastructure.

  • Maintaining emergency response and crisis management plans for the Cherry Point Refinery.
  • Provide assurance that organizational resources are in place and competent to respond per plans.
  • Plan and execute drills that train to a variety of credible crisis management scenarios, and act on the learnings from those drills.
  • Work with the Security Compliance Specialist to ensure personnel accountability processes and logistical support are maintained and always available.
  • Coordinate the recruitment, training and development of the Cherry Point IMT.
  • Coordinate the training and development of the Cherry Point Business Continuity Team(s).
  • Assist the Security & Crisis Management Superintendent with tasks as assigned.
  • Work with the deployed S&OR Site Director to ensure BP Cherry Point crisis management/emergency response training, equipment and documentation are in compliance with applicable BP, federal and WA state standards.
  • Work with refinery project teams as a subject matter expert to ensure crisis management compliance requirements are included in the scope of proposed projects and are fully implemented and reflected in site emergency response and crisis management plans prior to project start-up.
  • Manage conformance with GDP 4.6-0001, Crisis & Continuity Management, and 4.6-0002, Oil Spill Preparedness and Response (note: this role is in support of the Cherry Point Refinery Security and Crisis Management Superintendent who is the SPA for GDP 4.6-0001 and 4.6-0002)

Bachelor’s Degree in Emergency Management, Environmental Sciences, Environmental Engineering, or equivalent degree or experience.

  • 5 years of experience in crisis management/oil spill preparedness and response
  • Experience planning and implementing crisis management/oil spill response exercises
  • Excellent interpersonal skills - particularly in the area of leadership, teamwork, influence, regulatory negotiation, and both written and oral communication.
  • Experience working within, implementing and training on the NIMS Incident Command System model.
  • Experience working with relevant USCG regulations for Facilities Transferring Oil or Hazardous Materials in Bulk, and EPA regulations for Oil Pollution Prevention
  • Documented training through ICS-300 (ICS-100, -200, -700, -800, & -300)
  • Previous experience in crisis management or business continuity management