Data and Apps Capability Advisor

Contract Type
IT, Management, Public Sector
Birmingham, Bristol, Leicester, London, Wakefield or Warrington
£45,480 - Roles based in London will receive an additional London Weighting of £3,424.
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We are currently looking to recruit Data and Apps Capability Advisor in London, Bristol, Wakefield, Leicester, Warrington or Birmingham.

Job Description

The Data & Applications sub-programme (formerly Data Programme) is the primary vehicle for the delivery of the Agency’s Data Strategy. It will operate alongside and in support of the I&P Programme, the NDEC Programme, and the CDO. Over the next three years, the two primary objectives for the Data & Applications Programme will mitigate the Agency’s corporate risk regarding information management and compliance and enable the Agency to become a threat-led, intelligence-driven organisation which can achieve improved operational outcomes, as per its Change Vision. This will result in the Agency having the data management capabilities to be able to exploit data confidently and effectively, so that it can respond to the rapidly evolving threat posed by Serious and Organised Crime (SOC), and trigger activity that disrupts SOC further upstream.

The Chief Data Office (CDO) is based within  Digital Data & Technology (DDaT). We are responsible for managing the NCA corporate record and information holdings, whilst ensuring the NCA can confidently identify, discharge and comply with its legal information management responsibilities.  


We develop strategy and set standards in gathering, storing, processing, analysing and disseminating information. We manage information access requests from the public and third party disclosure requests from other prosecuting authorities in respect of on-going enquiries/operations. We are also responsible for co-ordinating the NCA response to major statutory and public inquiries.