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Data Architect

Contract Type
Birmingham , Bristol , Leicester , London , Wakefield , Warrington
Expiry Date
We are currently looking to recruit a G4 Data Architect in London, Bristol, Wakefield, Leicester, Warrington or Birmingham.

Job Description

• Develop and assist in the review of ICT architecture and data designs, to ensure compliance with enterprise wide data standards, practices, and design patterns.
• Provide technical and data expertise leading on data technologies, ETL , data integration, data enrichment, and data modelling.
• Assist in the development of the future data architecture for the NCA.
• Support the design (or assurance) of the data aspects of solutions and applications, including data structures, databases, file systems, schemas and metadata.
• Ensure compliance with data architectures, standards, practices, making recommendations to higher design authorities as needed.
• Participate in workshops and similar consultations with users and others to identify user needs and how users consume and categorise content.
• Help to establish and embed standards for data quality and its measurement.
• Look across the agency and externally to identify and learn from data and information architecture developments and trends.
• Support the creation and maintenance of the corporate data model, ensuring it aligns with the business needs, HMG strategies, policies, and standards.