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Data Scientist - Cyber - National Cyber Crime Unit (NCCU)

Contract Type
Part-Time, Permanent
Expiry Date
We are currently looking to recruit Data Scientists within our London office.

Job Description

The successful candidate would:
• Deploy analytical capabilities against operations; manipulate data sets to solve strategic analytical challenges and provide support to intelligence-led enforcement activity against serious and organised crime.
• Exploit information from a variety of sources to establish patterns of criminal behaviour, discover emerging trends, develop intelligence leads and identify opportunities for an operational response.
• Develop innovative solutions to data challenges through the effective use of software tools and the exploitation of data to extract maximum intelligence value.
• Assist in the creation and implementation of processes to improve data capture and analysis.
• Build relationships with colleagues across the NCA, to develop skills and cross-functional working to support Agency business.
• Ensure the quality, secure handling and dissemination of information, maintaining confidentiality, sensitivity and duty of care in line with NCA policy.

NCA welcomes applications from individuals with a range of Neurodivergent thinking styles and from those who may require reasonable adjustments.

To be successful in this role you will need to work with large data sets to extract, exploit and develop data into strategic intelligence and operational leads to support the detection and disruption of serious organised crime impacting on the UK.