Delivery Principal

Contract Type
£81,000 to £109,000
Expiry Date
We are looking for experienced Delivery Principals to lead a portfolio of projects and engagements. Delivery Principals are accountable for the commercial, delivery and team performance of our projects and programmes of work.

Job Description

Delivery Principals report to (and work closely with) Client Directors, who are responsible for portfolio performance and account management of the clients. 

Principals are part of Softwire’s Senior Management Team and work together to support the Exec board in shaping the company’s operation and its relationship with employees and clients.

The key responsibilities of the role are: 

Delivering high value services to our clients 

As a Delivery Principal, you are accountable for the success of projects. You’ll lead delivery – either directly, or more often through managing delivery, technical and design leads. You’ll be responsible for ensuring client satisfaction, while also meeting Softwire’s commercial goals, and ensuring a happy team.

To do so, you’ll be empowered to guide clients through the delivery process, shaping the engagement for success from the first meetings, and resourcing the team. You’ll inspire trust with senior stakeholders, acting as the most senior line of project escalation for any issues, and have broad discretion on how to solve them.

You may do this on a programme of work spanning thousands of days of effort, or on a portfolio of smaller projects with independent delivery leads. In each case, the majority of your time will be value-adding, and chargeable to the projects.

Accelerating the careers of others 

Delivery Principals are highly experienced people managers. They bring experience in forming and leading multi-disciplinary teams. They bring out the best in the people they’re responsible for, both through strong line management of Delivery Leads, and by supporting the resourcing and progression of others on their projects.

You are expected to take responsibility for the “performance contract” of multiple employees – setting expectations and challenges, providing support and feedback, and ensuring appropriate reward upon delivery. You will also help your Delivery Leads mentor and manage more junior colleagues of their own. 

You may also choose to be involved in providing career mentoring for more junior colleagues, or providing or commissioning knowledge-sharing or other training initiatives. 

Generating additional business for Softwire 

As Softwire’s most senior delivery staff, Delivery Principals are very capable in front of both existing and prospective clients. You should inspire confidence and impress not only through your expertise, but through seeing the bigger picture. You will look for opportunities to build and expand existing accounts.

For example, this will include: 

·         Ensuring clients receive - and, crucially, feel that they have received - an excellent service from Softwire, so they are motivated to bring repeat business and/or recommend our services to others.

·         Meeting prospective clients, devising project plans and technical approaches, preparing written proposals and in-person pitches.

·         Thinking beyond your immediate remit on a project to understand how Softwire can make it a success and where else we might be able to provide value to a client. 

It may also include:

·         Taking the lead on key sales bids, understanding clients’ problems and shaping our response to them

Attracting business to Softwire through your personal reputation in the industry – e.g. thought leadership, speaking at conferences, and personal networks.