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Deputy Center Director

Contract Type
Education, Media & Communications
Expiry Date
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Job Description

Business Unit Overview:

Position Description:


  1. 协助中心总监管理课程顾问的日常销售活动,以实现周期及月度销售目标。
  2. 秉持客户服务至上的思想,帮助中心总监监督及维持中心服务事宜。
  3. 有充分能力向课程顾问提供销售指导和培训支持,最大限度地开发以结果导向的销售团队潜能。
  4. 协助中心总监激励课程顾问,发现并促进企业销售机会。
  5. 以身作则,树立一个销售团队领导专业谦和的形象,协助课程顾问细致处理客户关系管理记录。


Position Description:

  1. Assist the Center Director in managing daily sales activities of Course Consultants to achieve period and monthly sales targets.
  2. Support the Center Director to monitor and support center service operations in a customer service minded way.
  3. Demonstrable ability to provide sales coaching and training support to Course Consultants to maximize a result driven sales staff.
  4. Aid the Center Director to motivate Course Consultants to Identify and grow corporate sales.
  5. Lead by example as a professional and polite Sales Leader and assist Course Consultants to be detail oriented in CRM recording.
  6. Create a warm and sensitive approach to all colleagues and students exemplifying respect, responsibility and integrity.

Candidate Profile:


  1. 5年及以上直接销售经验(有B2C销售经验优先)。
  2. 2年跨国公司销售管理经验,至少管理过10名下属。
  3. 出色的销售技能,并需提供成功案例及所获奖项证明。
  4. 出色的沟通能力。


Position Requirement:

  1. 5 years or above direct sales experience (Ideally B2C).
  2. 2 years sales management experience in MNC and have managed at least 10 subordinates.
  3. Excellent sales skills and necessary to provide evidence of success and awards.
  4. Excellent communication skills
  5. High sense of responsibility and customer service mentality (flexible working schedule necessary).

Req Number: 5653BR

Position Title: Deputy Center Director

Country: CHN

HR Manager: Isabelle Gao

Business Unit: Wall Street English

Removal Date: 06-Jul-2018