Deputy Director - Chief Economist & Analyst

Contract Type
Public Sector
circa £80,000
Expiry Date
A fantastic opportunity to develop and embed a newly-established analytical function, build an active and dynamic analytical community and help the Board develop a performance-focused, evidence-based, data-driven culture throughout the organisation

Job Description

You will be responsible for developing and embedding a culture across the organisation where strong analytical information drives decision making and continual improvement.

Your work will involve developing and maintaining an economic forecasting capability to ensure that HMLR has a Whitehall-leading insight into the housing market to drive its operational decisions and influence its future strategy.

You will develop and coach an analytical team to provide strong and flexible analytical support to HMLR’s complex, strategic, high-priority decisions, and work with other senior leaders to influence behaviour throughout HMLR. You will lead the analytical community with common values, clear standards and a strong sense of mutual support and upskill HMLR as a whole in use of analysis and analytical teams in different approaches, in line with the organisational requirements.

You will play a vital role in representing HMLR at a senior level in the wider cross-government analytical function, actively contributing and engaging with the full range of analytical professions, and influencing analytical work and standards across government and in the wider professional community