Deputy Director, Chief Inspector of Rail Accidents

Contract Type
Derby, Farnborough
Expiry Date
This is a challenging and exciting role reporting directly to the Secretary of State for Transport on all matters related to railway accident investigation.

Job Description

You will play a key role in the effective leadership of the investigation activities undertaken by the Rail Accident Investigation Branch, which has a mission to improve the safety of the UK’s railway and tramway systems.

You will need to be comfortable working in a fast-moving environment with the ability to communicate at all levels of the rail industry and represent RAIB as a professional organisation both within and outside the UK.

We are looking for an outstanding railway professional to lead the branch into the future, building on the international reputation it has established for the quality of its work.


The purpose of the role is to improve the safety of the rail industry by leading a team of professionals that undertake independent, expert rail accident investigations to the highest standard.

The key requirements of the role are as follows:

• Ensure that all rail accident investigations are conducted thoroughly and efficiently, in full compliance with the requirements of relevant legislation;

• Engage with the rail industry, and other stakeholders, to assure effective working relationships and knowledge sharing;

• Promote the recruitment, retention and development of a talented and diverse team of professionals;

• Develop strong working relationships and cooperation with equivalent bodies in Europe and elsewhere in the world;

• Play an active role in developing close working relationships with the UK’s other investigation bodies, the AAIB and MAIB, and attend the Accident Investigation Chiefs’ Council;

• Ensure effective and sensitive engagement with bereaved families and others affected by accidents;

• Implement a strategy for communicating safety learning via the media, industry fora and other effective means;

• Lead the identification and execution of initiatives to promote the continuous development of the RAIB and its people.

Person Specification

We are looking for someone who has:

• A relevant professional background with recognised expertise and credibility in the rail industry – or a proven record of senior management in a safety critical sector, which is clearly and demonstrably transferrable to railway safety;

• Excellent leadership skills with a strong record of achievement, strategic planning, expert judgement and the management of people and teams;

• An ability to work, and make sound decisions, in an unusual and highly stressful situations;

• A strong ability to develop and maintain credible and trusted relationships with senior stakeholders;

• Excellent communication skills extending to media appearances and resolving highly sensitive situations;

• A well-developed understanding of the concerns of those likely to be involved in the consequences of a rail accident, including the bereaved.