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Deputy Director – Head of Workforce Information and Analysis

Contract Type
Management, Public Sector
London or Leeds
Expiry Date
As Head of Workforce Information and Analysis you will play a pivotal role by leading the analytical programme to ensure we have the right workforce with the right skills and behaviours across the health and care system.

Job Description

The salary for this post is set within the Senior Civil Service (SCS) Payband 1 range £65,000 - £117,800.Being mindful on the scrutiny on Civil Service pay, external candidates should expect their salary on appointment to be circa £75,000.


Professional analysis and understanding of the major workforce issues across the health and care system are critical to delivery of health and care across England for today and the future. This role provides expert leadership in this area, ensuring analysis and information to Ministers and senior officials on the current health and care workforce, projections and scenarios for the future, assessing how policy change might impact on the challenges faced and monitoring and evaluating the impacts of policies introduced.


Distilling down and communicating the key messages from the analysis, including the communication of risk and uncertainty, to decision- makers and opinion formers will be critical to the success of this role.

You will lead a team of some 25 analysts to shape and oversee delivery of analysis to ensure that robust and timely evidence and analysis underpins decisions on workforce. The team is tasked with:

  • developing 10-20 year projections for future workforce demands and supply across the health and care system;
  • advising on pay and contract reform – assessing the impact of change on costs, impacts on staff and future supply;
  • briefing Ministers on latest workforce statistics – how numbers and pay of nurses, doctors, etc are changing over time;
  • assessing the impacts of change to education and training policy;
  • considering the impacts of Brexit on the health and care workforce;
  • examining the impacts and effectiveness of regulation on the health and care professions; and
  • building models and developing data sources to enable analysts to better assess impacts and provide insight.

You will lead relationships with key Arms Length Bodies who will be developing their analysis of workforce issues.  Critical will be building a shared understanding of the statistics and analyses so that key senior officials and Ministers are advised on the basis of the facts and can debate the possible policies from this common understanding.

The analyst teams are based in London and Leeds. The post reports to Gavin Larner, the Director of Workforce.  You will also have a key leadership role in the senior analyst team led by Chris Mullin, Chief Analyst.  You will be a role model for the DH analytical community, working together to develop the tools and resources for all analysts to better meet the demands of Ministers.