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Deputy Director PFI Planning - HMRC

Contract Type
Public Sector
C£100,000 PA
Expiry Date
HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) is one of the largest government departments and one of the UK’s biggest organisations. Almost every individual and business in the UK is a direct customer of HMRC. HMRC collect around £540 billion a year in revenue

Job Description

HMRC are an impartial and increasingly effective and efficient tax and payments authority, with a vital purpose: to collect the money that pays for the UK’s public services and help families and individuals with targeted financial support.


As part of HMRC’s continued drive to increase tax compliance to narrow the £36 billion tax gap, HMRC have embarked on a major transformational programme to redirect more of HMRC’s people and resources to compliance activities, modernising systems and re-engineering processes to become more customer-orientated. HMRC are bringing 61,000 staff together from 170 to 13 modern offices across the country.


HMRC’s single departmental plan describes HM Revenue and Customs’ (HMRC) priority objectives for 2015- 2020: Single Departmental Plan 2015 to 2020.


Estates Directorate is responsible for the supply, management and maintenance of HMRC’s operational estate and the provision of associated support services. Its purpose is to ensure they are safe, secure and provide the best environment possible for our people, and that they support the delivery of business objectives and represent good value for money for taxpayers.


Estates is at the forefront of delivering the largest estates change programme across government, a critical success factor for HMRC’s future operating model and success and the Government’s wider agenda for the Civil Estate.


The Deputy Director PFI Planning role sits within the Estates Transformation Directorate. It will focus on implementing the strategic management of the existing PFI contracts, ensuring that these contracts deliver maximum cost efficiency for the taxpayer, optimum operating effectiveness, sustainability and flexibility for HMRC and support smooth exits from the present arrangements.


Priorities include setting our negotiating strategy, delivering our PFI strategy outcomes and planning the vacation of legacy accommodation to secure best value, secure the contracts and deliver the Building our Future Locations Programme in collaboration with the Estates Transformation team.  Additionally, the role will call for professional skills and experience to manage more complex commercial activities on the legacy estate including identifying and maximizing mutual value generating opportunities, exit strategies, contract extensions, conversions and renegotiations.




Planning and delivering strategies to make best use of PFI contracts in the short to medium term, ensuring value for money as HMRC transitions to meet its Building our Future ambition. The added focus is the creation of enhanced value through negotiated exits, commercial strategies, and contingency plans to minimise any liabilities or failure/default of existing contracts.


Reporting to the Director of Estates Transformation: