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Deputy Director Strategic Coordination

Contract Type
Public Sector
Expiry Date
The post holder will be central to the creation of the new Corporate Effectiveness team, leading on improving the flow of information in Head Office.

Job Description

The purpose of the Corporate Effectiveness team is to:

  • Provide strategic direction, coherence and enforcement for effective decision-making to create a stronger, more capable Head Office and a guiding mind for the direction and practical delivery of current cross-cutting activities;
  • Unite those teams and initiatives that span Head Office, such as the Board Secretariat and Defence Planning, bringing together thinking, joining up strands of work, spotting links, and giving a common purpose; 
  • Scan for future cross-cutting issues, helping to solve problems, inject new ideas, and advise on how best to get decisions made;
  • Ensure the lessons from Chilcot Inquiry are learnt in how we operate in Head Office, in particular that it is easy to navigate, contribute effectively and challenge.
  • The post holder will be central to the creation of the new Corporate Effectiveness team, leading on improving the flow of information in Head Office and dealing with cross cutting issues that impact on delivery, in direct support of the Permanent Secretary’s priorities. They will be responsible for the creation of the products and processes to deliver strong strategic coordination in the Department. 
  • The post holder will hold responsibility for ensuring outstanding strategic coordination across the Department.  They will set the day to day tone for how the team operates and its relationships across the Department and Whitehall.


Specifically, the post holder will:

  • Ensure the Department has outstanding corporate governance, with a professional secretariat service for the committees that support both the Department of State and Military Strategic Headquarters.  In particular, the post holder will ensure that the business of the core departmental committees is best organised to support the senior leadership team to deliver their priorities and that decisions are clearly communicated;
  • Support the senior civilian and military leadership team to agree their leadership priorities, and then monitor delivery;
  • Work collaboratively with teams across the Department to develop pragmatic solutions to implementation challenges, including through bespoke deep dive projects;
  • Provide a highly effective flow of information across the senior leadership team, cutting through a complex operating environment to ensure that teams have the relevant context and information to deliver their best advice to decision-makers efficiently and effectively;
  • Create and lead a high performing team of around 20 staff members, that provides outstanding analysis and products and sets the tone for the quality of constructive support and challenge Defence requires to meet fully the challenges of the Chilcot Inquiry;
  • Create and maintain an inclusive team environment which encourages everyone to contribute and develop, and a culture to perform strongly and for individuals to reach their full potential;


As a member of the Senior Civil Service, contribute corporately to the delivery of Defence acting as a role model in leadership and actively promoting the Civil Service Leadership statement (Inspiring, Confident, Empowering).


The post is based MOD Main Building London.  Some travel within the UK may be required.