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Digital Business Analyst

Contract Type
Public Sector
London or Bristol
London £36,930 - £43,889 Bristol £34,265 - £40,248
Expiry Date
We are looking for a talented business analyst to deliver digital services across Civil Service HR. As a business analyst you will tackle complex problems to transform how HR digital services are provided.

Job Description

The first service you join will be the Online Tests and Assessments Platform. Psychometric tests have been used to great success recently with over 400,000 tests completed in the past year, reducing sifting costs and shortening recruitment times. These tests were created externally which limited our ability to update and expand them. 

The next stage, which you’ll be joining, is to bring test creation in-house. We’re procuring a specialised software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform so that we can develop, assemble and deliver tests. By improving the quality and breadth of our tests we expect to grow rapidly to meet the expanding demand across government. It’s an ambitious plan that stands to transform how the Civil Service recruits so you’ll be at the centre of delivery from the beginning. 

You’ll be part of a multi-disciplinary team of experts from both Digital & Analysis and Government Recruitment Service (GRS). Day to day you’ll collaborate closely with the product manager, service owner, occupational psychologists, user researcher, psychometricians, content designer, and interaction designer. You’ll also work closely with the Recruitment Platform for Government (RPG) team and supplier to align teams to common goals. 


Person Specification 

The successful candidate must be able to clearly demonstrate evidence of the following essential criteria: 

  • Business analysis expertise - Experience in analysing complex problems, documenting the needs and ensuring they are delivered fully. 
  • Agile delivery experience - Experience working in agile teams and environments, working iteratively and collaboratively. 
  • Stakeholder engagement - Proven experience working with a broad range of stakeholders to elicit business requirements and model business processes. 
  • User-centric design - Experience defining user stories, mapping them to the service and explaining them to the team and stakeholders. 
  • Digital know-how - Digitally literate and capable of engaging users, technical colleagues, suppliers and stakeholders to draw out best approaches. 
  • Ability to learn - Thriving on learning new skills and knowledge to become a more effective business analyst and digital specialist. 


For further information please click apply and view the candidate information pack.