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Digital, Data and Technology (DDaT)- Senior Leaders

Contract Type
Fixed Term, Permanent
Birmingham , Bristol , Leicester , London , Wakefield , Warrington
£68, 279. Roles based in London will also receive an additional London Weighting of £3,424.
Expiry Date
This candidate information pack covers leadership roles across multiple business areas, we have a number of known vacancies and we are seeking to develop a pipeline of talent for anticipated requirements in 21/22.

Job Description

Further detail is provided on the commands where these roles are likely to be located, this is not exhaustive.
Candidates are asked to express a preference for the profession that they wish to be considered for, it should be noted that the locations available differ across the professions.
Postings will be based on merit order within the professions, and if a particular post has a fixed location, we will revert to the merit order within the location and profession.

Serious and organised crime may feel far removed from our everyday lives, but it kills more people
than all other national security threats combined. The NCA sits at the heart of the UK's response.

We tackle those that pose the greatest risk to our safety and security. We operate proactively at the high end of high risk, undertaking investigations to bring offenders to justice.

The NCA has a wide remit and we are looking for committed individuals to join us in a Leadership capacity, to provide vital strategic and professional expertise across all departments
in the NCA.

Applicants will be considered for Leadership roles across the Digital Data & Technology teams in it's
broadest sense across the Agency, but we appreciate that candidates will have preferences in terms of the sorts of areas that they would like to lead, and indeed that they may bring qualifications and experience that may make them particularly suitable for some positions.

These are all leadership roles and whilst many of the responsibilities are similar the job description varies greatly.

Please see the Candidate information pack to gain more information about each of the specific roles available