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Digital Forensics Hardware Engineers

Contract Type
Part-Time, Permanent
Digital, Engineering, IT, Public Sector
£28,840 - £37,748 - Recruitment and Retention Allowance: This is currently set at £3,400 for this po
Expiry Date
The NCA has a nationwide Forensic Services Department (FSD), providing both traditional and digital forensic capabilities.

Job Description

 The digital forensic footprint extends to both scene and laboratory based examinations with crime scene teams and laboratories strategically located across the country. In further support of this, the centrally based Advanced Data Acquisition team provides a level 3 capability in respect of mobile device examination and employs both Software and Hardware Engineers to meet this challenge.

As a Digital Forensics Hardware Engineer, you will focus on the Agencies toughest technology challenges. Our Forensic Engineers are energetic and enthusiastic professionals who enjoy problem solving and overcoming technical challenges. They are hungry for knowledge about the newest technologies as they emerge and love it when no two days are ever the same.

You will get your hands on some of the most sophisticated equipment available to Digital Forensic practitioners, work closely with a dedicated team and develop relationships with peers both nationally and internationally.

You will be encouraged to ‘Think outside the box’ to enable the recovery of data from damaged and/or security enabled devices. Your knowledge of electronics and engineering will be employed to diagnose and repair faults, reverse engineer circuits and develop hardware exploits to find technological solutions for current and foreseen challenges.

If you enjoy being tested and cannot rest until a conundrum is answered then this is the job for you.

Through the application of advanced techniques your role would be to gather evidence and intelligence with a proactive approach for criminal investigations.
• Develop, deploy and protect sensitive techniques and tactics. You will advise upon the use and disclosure of sensitive tactics whilst enabling operational activity.
• Research and development into emerging and novel techniques or tools for extracting data from mobile devices, whilst ensuring the integrity of the information obtained. Your role will also include the maintenance and enhancement of existing tools.
• Analysis of mobile device circuits, features and applications in order to find ways to repair faults and recover data or security credentials. This could require the use of Micro soldering, failure analysis, reverse engineering techniques and diagnostic testing.