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Digital Learning Instructional Designer

Contract Type
Public Sector
London, Warrington, Crawley
£34,971 + London Weighting £3,258
Expiry Date
Digital Learning Instructional Designer

Job Description

To design, develop and maintain blended learning solutions in support of the New Model for Learning to support business needs. 

The NCA has invested in a large project within our People function, looking at designing and implementing a New Model for Learning (NMFL). Working hand-in-hand with Corporate Learning and Development and internal stakeholders, to create a model that works for us now and into the future. 

We are currently focussed on how to bring a more agile approach to some of our key learning requirements. This includes systems training, cyber training and our Initial Officer Training Programme. We will look at how we can modularise into distinct training packages, digitise where appropriate, and use more support for on–the-job training which will give officers the support they need when they need it. In addition we aim to ensure that training is more accessible to all, not just those doing specific roles. 

Our aim is also to have a much improved user experience in accessing the digital learning that we provide, and we are fully committed to supporting this 

Key Responsibilities: 

  • Provide specialist advice and knowledge to colleagues and partners to support achievement of organisational objectives and enable compliance with organisational policy. 
  • Identify key learning objectives and training needs of specific groups and individuals. 
  • Plan, design and develop training products which satisfy identified learning needs. 
  • Deliver training and development products using appropriate methodology and materials and most cost effective and appropriate manner. 
  • Evaluate training, learning and development programmes. 
  • Creation of interactive e-learning modules from storyboards or from new business requirements. 
  • Software simulations and system training.