Director of Business Services Division

Contract Type
Public Sector
Expiry Date
The Director of Business Services is one of three SCS Pay Band 1 roles that report to the Chief Operating Officer of the agency.

Job Description

Our Structure
We are an executive agency of the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy with headquarters in London. We have around 1,700 staff operating from 22 locations across Great Britain, with offices in Plymouth, Exeter, Southampton, Brighton, Chatham, Ipswich, Cambridge, Croydon, Southend-On-Sea, London, Watford, Reading, Bristol, Cardiff, Birmingham, Nottingham, Birkenhead, Manchester, Blackpool, Leeds, Newcastle-upon-Tyne and Edinburgh.

Main Objectives

Overview of the post
• To deliver the main objectives of the directorate as set out in the agency annual plan
• Contribute to the leadership of the agency as a Member of the Executive Leadership team of the Insolvency Service.
• Leading and directing the Insolvency Service’s high volume operational services, covering some 300 staff and a budget of £12m. This includes teams:
a. making redundancy payments;
b. administering debt relief orders;
c. making bankruptcy orders by the adjudicator;
d. handling customer interactions through our enquiry lines.
• Responsibility for the distribution of National Insurance funds to redundant employees and the administration of PPI compensation from the estates of insolvents.
• Advocate of the Operational Delivery profession for the Insolvency Service, capitalising on opportunities deriving from the focus on this profession through civil service networks and our investment in operational delivery qualifications.
• Acting as Senior Responsible Owner for projects relating to the business area and the agency’s strategic business plan.
• Deciding on high profile applications for financial assistance from companies in financial difficulties.
• Responsibility for oversight of the Adjudicator function.
• From May 2021 responsibility for the operation of the Breathing Space scheme


Key Desirable Skills/Experiences
This is a challenging and high-profile role and we are looking for someone who is strong across the SCS competencies.

• A track record in successfully leading teams to meet operational targets, manage change, and demonstrate personal resilience in overcoming resistance to achieve desired outcomes.
• Strong Leadership skills encompassing an ability to build engagement and capability within their team and more widely across a professional group.
• Demonstration of an ability to work with operational delivery and corporate centre colleagues to achieve wider agency objectives and targets.
• Experience of delivering outputs in an environment where the business operates in legal/regulatory framework.
• Strong analytical skills especially financial analysis to advise and decide on issues relating to redundancy payments, financial assistance applications and other insolvency related queries.
• Experience of acting as Senior Responsible Owner for projects involving change to business processes utilising improved IT and Smarter Working.

Desirable Experience and Knowledge
• Experience of operating at a senior level in a highly complex multi-client environment
• Delivering excellent cost-effective public services against challenging KPIs