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Director of Operations

Contract Type
Public Sector
£70,000 - £80,000
Expiry Date
The purpose of the role is to ensure effective delivery of all of the authority’s front line activity (intelligence gathering, investigation, enforcement, regulation and partnership working) in line with the GLAA’s strategic objectives.

Job Description


Key Role Accountabilities – Operations

We are looking for Directors who are expected to lead by example in demonstrating the values of the organisation (Integrity, Respect, Commitment, Professionalism and Teamwork) through the highest standards of behaviour in line with those values.


The Director of Operations has specific accountability for the following strategic objectives as set out in the authority’s current strategy. It will be for the Director to shape the means through which each objective is delivered. However, anticipated deliverables are listed below under each objective.


1. Identify and support victims of labour exploitation

2. Maintain a credible licensing scheme, creating a level playing field, and promoting compliant business growth

3. Work in partnership with all stakeholders to protect workers’ rights and prevent labour exploitation

4. Disrupt and deter criminal activity within the labour market

In delivery of the above objectives, the Director of Operations is also accountable for maintaining strong stakeholder relationships, in particular with senior officials and Ministers, senior representatives (Chief Executive and Director level) from across national enforcement agencies and partnerships, the Director of Labour Market Enforcement and industry leaders.