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FPT HSSE Manager- US

BP International Ltd
Contract Type
Energy & Manufacturing
Expiry Date
22/05/2019 15:21:00
We are a global energy business involved in every aspect of the energy system. We have 75,000 employees in 80 countries, working towards delivering light, heat and mobility to millions of people, every day.

Job Description

The HSSE Manager provides leadership and direction in shaping the Formulated Product Technology (FPT) culture in the matter of safety and implementing HSSE and OMS strategy. He/she provides expert support to business development, projects and operations teams on the application of HSSE and OMS standards. The position reports to the Global Fuels Technology (GFT) US Regional Technology Director.

The HSSE Manager works with others in BP Chicagoland Operations in HSSE and OMS roles to ensure consistent application of rules, regulations, BP standards, and policies on campus- including leading and championing FPT's participation in such campus-wide programs as HSSE Compliance, ISO 14001 EMS, Control of Work, Integrity Management, Technical Advisory Board (T.A.B.), and Chicagoland Employee Safety Network (CESN).

The HSSE Manager also has the role of maintaining North America coordination with Global Fuels Technology and Industrial Lubricants & Services (Castrol) Technology at the Naperville site, along with the other two Fuels & Lubricants -US facilities: Huntington Beach, California (BP Coke), and Wayne, New Jersey (Castrol Automotive). The post holder will work directly with representatives from these facilities to develop and coordinate GFT/GLT HSSE and OMS expectations. The HSSE Manager- US also works very closely with Global FPT HSSE Manager in delivering the annual HSSE and OMS plans.

This role also has a significant global aspect to drive sustainable and systematic improvements to FPT overall HSSE performance and to improve consistency across fuels and lubricants technology operations.
This role requires a balance of both engaging and energizing staff around HSSE and OMS, as well as the technical depth and execution of programs and processes globally. The role is also expect to influence and coach the FPT Leadership Team, for example in being a formal Leading in the Field Coach.

Lead the U.S. Formulated Products Technology (FPT) HSSE Plan.
Serve as an HSSE resource for the U.S. Fuels Technology, Industrial Lubricants Technology, Coke Technology, Automotive Lubricants Technology and Global Product Stewardship and Compliance functions and respective Leadership Teams.
Provide accountability for safe operations for all work conducted within FPT US.

Participate in risk assessments, Hazard Operations (HAZOPS) & SOP reviews; conduct IH assessments where appropriate and support the Annual Authorization to Operations (AAtO) process for the Naperville Fuels & Lubricants Technology operations. Lead the AAtO process for the GFT Fuels Inspection Lab and Asphalt Lab operations.
Support continued implementation of the Integrity Management Standard by participating in or leading processes around Incident Investigation and Learning, Hazard Evaluation, and Management of Change.
Support continued implementation and development of OMS. Drive compliance and OMS conformance

Participate in FPT HSSE network audios to maintain a proactive awareness of issues impacting technology operations.
Facilitate the continued roll out of the Laboratory Technical Practices to the U.S. FPT operations.
Represent FPT operations and actively participate on Naperville site HSSE committees (e.g. Technical Advisory Board, Chicago Employee Safety Network, etc.).
Champion the use of Iris, Compliance Task Manager, VTA (Virtual Training Assistant) and other systems as appropriate; to ensure completion of HSSE compliance tasks and to monitor HSSE related statistics. Provide support for globally adopted software systems and monthly reporting.
Lead Root Cause Investigations for all U.S. Formulated Products Technology incidents as appropriate. Level 1 RCA investigator certification desired -- ability to lead RCA investigations on behalf of FPT and other businesses as appropriate and necessary.
Identify additional HSSE training for Formulated Products Technology staff as appropriate, and track completion of required trainings.
Continue to promote an open HSSE culture whereby Incidents and Observations are freely reported without hesitation; staff recognizes that it is always safe to speak up about safety concerns; staff never hesitate to stop unsafe work; and staff are motivated to help each other work as safely as possible.
Empower and energize employees to build a generative safety culture

A minimum of a Bachelor's Degree in Science or Engineering.

This role will also help develop and drive gloabally all personal and process safety initiatives, such as "Believe in Zero" or "Safety Leadership and Culture" as defined with the global organization.

Facilitate the quarterly Safety Observation Conversation (SOC)/management walk-through process.
This role will also build investigation capability within FPT to ensure high quality investigation of incidents. It will drive robust applicaton of investigative techniques to ensure appropriate mitigative activities and valuable learnings globally. This role will also own OMS 4.4 (Incident Management) for FPT globally.

This role also leads the IRIS implementation and reporting processes for FPT globally; leading the team as formal OMS Coach, Coordinator and Incident Manager. Drive global utilization of the tool to ensure sufficient monthly observations to identify global "weak signal" trends and subsequent mitigation actions.

This role will also develop the RCA capabilities of the holder toward an L2 Investigator certification to provide a mastery in investigations.This will be utilized on behalf of FPT and other businesses as needed.

  • A minimum of 5 years of relevant HSSE experience.
  • Experience in developing and implementing HSSE programs.
  • Experience with HSSE reporting.
  • Strong communicator.
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