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G4 Child Protection Team Leader

Contract Type
Public Sector
London, Chorley
35856 - Roles based in London will also receive an additional London Weighting of £3,339
Expiry Date
This is a unique opportunity to develop skills in safeguarding within a law enforcement agency focusing on serious and organised crime.

Job Description

Key Responsibilities

• To work as part of the social work safeguarding management team and manage a team of Social Workers (Child Protection Advisors) ensuring that the team provides clear and high quality child protection advice to intelligence and investigations teams across the NCA portfolio.

• To be responsible for leadership, management, professional supervision and accountability of Social Workers (G5 Child Protection Advisors). This will include ensuring that the core social work tasks are appropriately performed including the safe and effective triage and management of referrals from public and industry.

• To oversee the quality of child protection assessments, advice and strategies and ensure these are completed to a high standard.

• Building and developing a team so that they understand their responsibilities and roles within a multi - agency environment, and providing support and identifying opportunities for the development of individual members of the team.

• Where necessary undertaking assessments and providing child protection advice on more complex or high risk operations. This will include lead responsibility for the delivery of child protection strategies.

• Provide child protection input into a range of Child Exploitation and Online Protection (CEOP), Investigation Command and wider NCA activity which may include advising on national guidance, policy and/or tactical options to assist in the planning and implementation of relevant operations.


You will need to demonstrate the below behaviours:
• Leadership
• Delivering at Pace

You will also need to demonstrate the below technical/ experience criteria:

• Understanding of how to work effectively in a multi-agency environment
• Ability to effectively build, develop and manage a team and provide support and mentoring to a team of Social Workers in dynamic and unique working environment
• Substantial post qualifying experience of Child Protection within statutory social work services, including management experience
• Understanding of how legislation and policy used within law enforcement to ensure statutory duty and responsibilities are discharged and the needs and the welfare of children are paramount

You will also have the below qualifications or skills:


• Social Work Qualification
• Social Work England Registered Social Worker


• Achieving Best Evidence (ABE) Training and Qualification
• Management Qualification

By applying for this role you agree to work with Child Sexual Exploitation and Abuse (CSEA) material and undergo regular psychological assessments.

You may be required to respond at short notice or outside of core hours.

Officers may be required to travel throughout the UK and overseas.

Role is required to participate in On Call system.