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G4 Senior Operational Standards Coach and Assessor (OSCAU) Investigation role

Contract Type
Public Sector
Expiry Date
The unit’s primary focus is to guide, coach and carry out the independent assessment of trainee investigation and intelligence officers.

Job Description

Key Responsibilities

• Support the NCA recruitment process, assessing the aptitude / capability of applicants for the intelligence accredited pathways to ensure recruitment of the right people.

• Manage and develop new trainees on the Initial Operational Training Programme (IOTP), professionally assessing trainees knowledge and application of skills to point of their completion of the Intelligence Professionalisation Programme (IPP).

• Drive up operational standards across the NCA commands by reviewing investigation processes, recommending and implementing improvement changes that achieve compliance to policy, standards and legislation as well as building capability across the NCA.

• Working with key stakeholders (College of Policing, Police Forces, Crown Prosecution Service, NCA Commands, NCA Legal) to ensure new legislation, standard operational procedures and best practice is introduced to NCA operational commands.

Please note:

Successful candidates will be expected to pass a five day Officer Safety Training course (OST) during their probationary period or during their first six months in the Agency (Civil Service transfers). Failure to do so would mean you would not be able to continue in the operational Investigator role, we would seek to find you an alternative non-operational role within the agency.

The OST combines cognitive input, armed and unarmed defense theory and practical techniques and as such, requires a level of physical exertion, due to the nature and repetition of the drills. The practical techniques include use of body weapons, movement and positioning, strikes (armed/unarmed) blocks, restraint and control. We will expect officers attending the course to have a standard of physical fitness. Progressive full body warm-ups are conducted each day to minimise risk of injury to the officer. It is expected the officer is capable of a ground descent and ascent, unaided and within a reasonable timeframe. This is important both individually and in team tactics.

Individuals may be exposed to Child Sexual Exploitation and Abuse (CSAE)material.

***All NCA officers must hold SC Enhanced upon entry as a minimum. To meet the National Security Vetting requirements for this role you will need to have resided in the UK for a minimum of 3 out of the past 5 years. For more information please see the Candidate information Pack***