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G5 Digital Media Investigator

Contract Type
Public Sector
Multiple Locations
31361 - Roles based in London will also receive an additional London Weighting of £3,339.
Expiry Date
To conduct and lead digital media investigations in support of the National Crime Agency’s objectives.

Job Description

Investigating serious criminality; collecting and developing digital media intelligence and evidence to build and contribute to case file preparations to prosecute offenders.

Please note :

Successful candidates will be expected to pass a five day Officer Safety Training course (OST) during their probationary period or during their first six months in the Agency (Civil Service transfers). Failure to do so would mean you would not be able to continue in the operational Investigator role, we would seek to find you an alternative non-operational role within the agency.

The Officer Safety Training course (OST) combines cognitive input, armed and unarmed defence theory and practical techniques and as such, requires a level of physical exertion, due to the nature and repetition of the drills. The practical techniques include use of body weapons, movement and positioning, strikes (armed/unarmed) blocks, restraint and control. We will expect officers attending the course to have a standard of physical fitness. Progressive full body warm-ups are conducted each day to minimise risk of injury to the officer. It is expected the officer is capable of a ground descent and ascent, unaided and within a reasonable timeframe. This is important both individually and in team tactics.

Key Responsibilities

• Provide guidance to Senior Investigating Officers on the application of technology in investigations.

• Develop and implement effective digital media investigation strategies to support the advancement of an investigation (including data identification and recovery, internet investigation and other digital media investigation tactics).

• Carry out the digital media investigator role within a larger case team, ensuring all legal and operational requirements are met on the way to preparing cases for submission to the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS).

• Harness and seek specialist support from roles such as Analysts, Communications Data Investigators (SPoC – Single Point of Contact), Digital forensics, Technical Operations, Major Crime Investigative Support (MCIS) and Authorities Unit to apply appropriate expertise to the advancement of an investigation.

• Support NCA Digital Forensics at scene, provide advice and guidance to operational officers, including on scene and within Digital Media Suites.

• Undertake research to identify emerging trends, technology and investigative opportunities.

***All NCA officers must hold SC Enhanced upon entry as a minimum. To meet the National Security Vetting requirements for this role you will need to have resided in the UK for a minimum of 3 out of the past 5 years. For more information please see the Candidate information Pack***


You will need to demonstrate the below behaviours

• Delivering at Pace
• Working Together

You will also need to demonstrate the below experience criteria:

• Experience of carrying out investigations utilising strategies and techniques relating to digital media
• Experience of relevant legislation (UK & International Law) affecting digital media investigation activity
• Experienced and competent at producing evidence for use in Court proceedings
• Experience of analysing data sets to identify relevant material

You will also have the below qualifications or skills:

Essential Criteria:

• Professionalising Investigations Programme (PIP) 1 or a Government issued equivalent recognised qualification/accreditation in investigative crime (including Police Staff Investigator)

Desirable Criteria:

• Trained Digital Media Investigator (College of Policing or equivalent recognised qualification/accreditation in Digital Media)
• Recognised Industry or Academic qualification in digital media
• Trained to Open Source Level 3 (or equivalent recognised qualification in Internet Investigation)
• PIP2 accredited investigator
Investigators who join the Agency without PIP2 accreditation will be required to achieve this, including passing any exams (National Investigators Exam (NIE) and/or the NCA Specific Powers Exam), within their probationary period.