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G5 Investigator, Investigations Directorate

Contract Type
IT, Public Sector
£31,361 - £34,845
Expiry Date
As an Investigator at the National Crime Agency every day will be different.

Job Description

This role will involve investigating serious criminality; collecting and developing intelligence and evidence to build and contribute to case file preparations to prosecute offenders.


You will be working closely with other NCA departments and partner agencies to identify threats from criminality and work in a challenging environment to pursue offenders.


Using innovative approaches and ground breaking techniques you will be making decisions which help to disrupt and bring to justice criminals who present the highest threat to the UK.


You may be expected to work directly or indirectly in tackling child sexual abuse and exploitation (CSAE). This may involve exposure to child sexual abuse images and material. You should consider the sensitive nature of the work before deciding to apply.


Applicants must be able to demonstrate the following:

• Experience of conducting arrests; competent and experienced at interviewing suspects (including knowledge of custody time limits/ procedures, extensions and authorisations), use of bad character evidence and bail. Competent and experienced at interviewing witnesses.

• Able to demonstrate experience and knowledge around seizure of exhibits, continuity of evidence, and seize/sift legislation, including experience in disclosure, and scheduling of material, including knowledge of CPIA legislation (and any specific courses in relation to this).

• Experienced and competent in completing case files and in liaison with prosecuting agencies / authorities.


***All NCA officers must hold SC Enhanced upon entry as a minimum. To meet the National Security Vetting requirements for this role you will need to have resided in the UK for a minimum of 3 out of the past 5 years. For more information please see the Candidate information Pack***