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G6 Change Programme Manager

Contract Type
Marketing & Public Relations, Media & Communications, Project Management, Public Sector
£64,178 - £74,446
Expiry Date
Border Force has a key role to play preventing terrorism, crime and illegal immigration.

Job Description

G6 Change Programme Manager

Home Office

Salary: £64,178 - £74,446

Location: Croydon (Greater London)


Border Force has a key role to play preventing terrorism, crime and illegal immigration. It also has a vital role supporting national prosperity, through the facilitation of legitimate travel and trade and the protection of revenue. Given the geographic and volumetric challenge, Border Force’s approach is increasingly intelligence-led and technology enabled, releasing officers to exercise their judgement and conduct value adding interventions.

The work of our people will change as Border Force becomes a more capable, adaptive and professional law enforcement organisation. These changes will mean that officers will have more opportunities to use specialist skills, such as behavioural detection, child protection and intelligence or search, to address threats to the UK.


People Capability Programme

People Capability sits at the heart of the Border Force Transformation programme and puts people at the centre of the organisation’s transformation plans.

This transformation will require the workforce to be highly engaged, committed to success and going the extra mile. This can only be achieved through strong leadership and embedding the new cultural direction.

These roles will set the ambition for the future as well as designing and delivering the various activities to get us there.

The three key priority areas of the People Capability Programme are:

  • Future Workforce
  • Learning and Culture
  • Engagement

There are 2 posts available at Grade 6: (1) Future Workforce (2) Learning and Culture

Each post-holder will take the lead in the development, management and successful delivery of a range of projects within the programme.

The People Capability team will grow to around 20 people, with each priority area having its own small team. Each Change Programme manager will also have a leadership role to play across the People Capability team and beyond.

Key Responsibilities

Future Workforce – the successful candidate will lead a programme to bring together the design for the Future Workforce that Border Force requires, develop and implement plans that will deliver this change. This will include articulating the roles, skill sets and mindset required for the future; and developing the approach to recruitment, resourcing, career and talent to achieve this. This will require working closely with HR colleagues and with the wider transformation community to ensure consistency of approach.

Learning and Culture – the successful candidate will be responsible for leading a programme of work to implement a leadership and training model for Border Force that reflects both current and future challenges. This will involve working closely with HR Colleagues, Learning and Skills, and Border Force Operations to (i) develop and implement a new approach to operational training and (ii) develop a range of interventions to build and develop leadership capability across Border Force, creating a culture of continuous learning (supported by measures to evaluate impact). Key here will be our ability to build on existing Civil Service Learning offers as well as brining in new approaches from outside, including other law enforcement environments.

Note: both of these are senior level roles and so you may be required to carry out other duties within the scope of your grade and within the limits of your skill, competence and training.

Key experience/skills

A significant track record of working with organisations to deliver complex change, including:

  • Outstanding programme and project management skills and demonstrable ability to drive forward change across a large organisation, in line with key strategic objectives.
  • Working with whole-system change including organisation design & development, portfolio management, and programme implementation.
  • Evidence of working with the business to understand, assess and plan for the needs of the future organisation including the ability to interpret and use complex data to support and drive change.
  • The ability to provide leadership through multi-disciplinary teams to implement business-wide change programmes whilst ensuring effective operational delivery is maintained.
  • Strong intellect and excellent stakeholder influencing skills with the credibility to command the trust and confidence of senior officials.

Desirable Criteria

  • A track record of embedding internal change capability, both cultural and behavioural, that works at all levels of a complex organisation.
  • Experience of working across Whitehall and / or influencing policy and leadership.
  • Experience of law enforcement or border security cultures.


Closing date: midnight on 22nd September 2017.


Candidates are required to submit a CV and a personal statement outlining why they would be suitable for the role (as outlined above) based on their skills and experience.  Please see the candidate information pack for more information.