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Global Workplace Programmes Officer

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The Global Workplace Programmes Officer provides vital intelligence and insight into global employer workplace practices.

Job Description

The Global Partnerships team

Our Global Partnerships team develop strategic activities to ensure every single lesbian, gay, bi and trans member of staff is accepted without exception, regardless of where they work in the world. 

The team’s Global Diversity Champions Programme supports some of the biggest global companies (including Google, IBM, Barclays, Walt Disney, Thomson Reuters and BP) to ensure that best practice activity undertaken in Great Britain is appropriately extended across the globe. In particular, the team works with a small group of Global Founding Partners to champion and steer this work.

Diversity Champions and Global Diversity Champions programmes

The Diversity Champions programme is Britain’s leading employers’ membership forum on best practice for lesbian, gay, bi and trans equality. With over 750 member organisations from public, private and third sectors, which employ over thirteen million staff, our programme is the largest employer forum on diversity issues in the world. The Global Diversity Champions programme is a specific membership group (currently around 145 members) within this programme which supports organisations with a global remit and international workforces. More information can be found at

Global Founding Partners

The Global Founding Partner group is currently made up of 9 key multinational employers who have made a real commitment to improving the lives of LGBT people internationally. Through this forum, member organisations are able to put forward ideas and suggestions to Stonewall for how we shape our global activity. It is a forum for sharing best practice and collaborating on specific projects as well as generating income for Stonewall that allows our work to continue.


The Global Workplace Programmes Officer provides vital intelligence and insight into global employer workplace practices. The Officer, reporting to Global Workplace Programme Manager, will develop resources, guidance, collect evidence and collate best practice about LGBT inclusion in the workplace on the global level. They will work in partnership with the members of Stonewall’s Global Diversity Champions programme and conduct research with global companies about their internal working. They will develop new and innovative solutions to support companies who are working in a variety of legal, social and political situations across the world. They will also work with our Memberships Index Manager (responsible for workplace benchmarking indices) on the implementation of Stonewall’s Global Workplace Equality Index.