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Group Director of Strategy

Contract Type
Public Sector
circa £90,000 per annum
Expiry Date
We are seeking an exceptional individual to lead the development and delivery of the Defra group strategy, working closely with the Secretary of State Ministers and Non-Executive Directors.

Job Description

You will lead the Defra Group Strategy Directorate, including Private Office, the Strategy Unit, the Strategic Design Authority, the Secretary of State’s policy advisors, and the Accountability and Governance Team. You will work closely with the Group Finance Director and Group Communications Director to ensure an integrated approach to the design and delivery of our policy and vision for the Defra group, including our approach to the next Spending Review.


Your key responsibilities include:

  • Leading the development and delivery of Defra’s strategy, including the vision, outcomes, organisational design and implementation;
  • Supporting the Secretary of State, Ministers, Permanent Secretary and Executive Committee to implement Defra’s strategic priorities, further improve performance and deliver organisational change;
  • Ensuring and coordinating high quality policy development and advice across private office, central units and policy teams to support the Secretary of State and Ministers effectively;
  • Leading Defra’s organisational design, including the shape of the Defra group and delivery bodies, the changes required to deliver this, and the way services are provided to customers;
  • Strengthening and simplifying governance across the Defra group, including the role of the Departmental Board, Non-Executive Directors, and the Executive Committee, in order to ensure effective decision making and oversight;
  • Supporting effective risk management across the Defra group, including strengthening risk leadership and culture, working closely with internal audit;
  • Strengthening the way Defra responds to Ministerial correspondence, further improving drafting and performance to provide high quality, timely replies;
  • Providing effective and visible leadership of the Strategy directorate, including the Strategy Unit, Ministerial Offices, Governance and Accountability Team and Ministerial Correspondence Unit (around 120 people in total);
  • Building capability and a high performing culture, including championing career development, talent management, and capability planning.