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Head of Better Regulation and Policy

Contract Type
Public Sector
Various Locations
London - £52,760 - £63,290 Regional - £48,837 - £59,419
ORR’s decisions carry a big impact across the road and rail sectors and requires us to work closely with both the public and private sectors.

Job Description

ORR’s decisions carry a big impact across the road and rail sectors and requires us to work closely with both the public and private sectors. The rail and road industries face significant challenge to meet and improve the experience of the travelling public. Essential transport services must be delivered within a complex legislative, regulatory and public/private contractual and funding environment, whilst often subject to close public scrutiny. 

The Head of Better Regulation and Policy in based in ORR’s Policy & Strategy Directorate and leads ORR’s policy profession and strategic cross-office projects for the CEO and Board that drive forward ORR’s regulatory framework at an exciting and interesting time for the regulation of rail and highways. The role requires flexibility, a clear focus on prioritisation, attention to detail whilst being able to work both at pace and with colleagues across ORR. The role consists of three main duties: 

  •  Provide leadership to ORR economic and safety regulation colleagues across the office to ensure that all advice to the Policy Committee and Board applies best practice in evidence-based policy-making. Deliver this through: design of policy development tools and guidance; maintaining and providing a suite of policy training; offer direct support to teams, helping to scrutinise policy under development; and, ensure compliance with external obligations (e.g. business impact target, regulators code). Advocate good policy practice with the Executive and with economic and safety regulatory colleagues through seminars, presentations and workshops.
  • Lead cross-office strategic projects, setting clear objectives and managing project resources, analysis, presentation and implementation. Deliver this by identifying and agreeing priority strategic issues with the Executive, scope issues clearly to identify harm and cause, engage support and expertise of regulatory colleagues, prepare clear evidence-based options or remedies for decision at Executive or Board level. Support existing projects on an ad-hoc basis where expert economic or policy-advice is required at short notice. Recent and ongoing examples of projects include: developing the office’s approach to regulating new railway infrastructure, in particular High Speed 2; assessing the impact on ORR and passengers from devolved or sub-national transport bodies; supporting a review of ORR’s approach to specific aspects of High Speed 1’s periodic review. 
  • Lead cross-regulator engagement and regulatory programmes. Lead ORR’s engagement with partner regulators and bodies, including the UK Regulator's Network (UKRN), OECD, DfT policy projects and reviews, and National Infrastructure Commission Review of regulation. Lead response and engagement with government or industry review of regulatory practice.


Person specification

Essential Experience 

Analysis and Policy skills 

  • The ability to support policy development in an unpredictable and complex environment, providing leadership with analytical methods or approaches to benefit ORR colleagues. This includes the ability to quickly understand the policy context; its statutory or regulatory constraints; agree and build consensus for policy objectives and offer options with clearly appraised costs and benefits. 
  •  Identifying and using a wide range of relevant and credible sources (qualitative and quantitative) to assess patterns and trends; identify costs and benefits; develop and test options to reach robust conclusions. 
  • Proven ability to deliver robust and clearly-structured analysis on complex and varied regulatory topics, such as infrastructure development, price controls, incentives or regulatory enforcement 

Communication and Collaboration 

  • Establish and manage effective relationships with a range of internal and external stakeholders, able to deliver clear messages whilst listening to feedback relevant to ORR’s policy-making. 
  • Strong written and oral communication. This includes the ability to communicate technical issues in straightforward ways which non-specialists and senior colleagues can readily engage with. 


  • Listening and coaching skills, able to help others to consider issues and work towards solutions. 
  • Presentation skills, able to deliver clear messages to a varied audience 
  • Effective at managing meetings, setting clear agenda and ensuring all participants are able to engage effectively. 

Project delivery 

  • Strong project management skills and techniques to deliver outcomes (planning projects, setting clear and challenging expectations, identifying and managing risks, monitoring progress and measuring success). 
  • Managing a busy and changing work load by working proactively, flexibly and independently, organising tasks and prioritising effectively, and managing and delivering projects to tight timescales. 
  • Drive and determination to overcome resistance or challenges in order to achieve improved outcomes. 

Desirable experience: 

  • Intellectual curiosity, especially about the interaction of regulation with commercial and political objectives. 
  • Enjoys working across team boundaries and has the flexibility to contribute – independently and as part of a team - across a range of topics and outputs. 
  • A strong and relevant academic background (for example, economics or engineering), and/ or experience across a range of regulatory institutions or contexts. 
  • Experience of working in a regulatory environment and, in particular, an appreciation of the range of regulatory models and issues across economic, consumer, competition and safety regulation. 
  • Line management experience.



Closing date: 24th February 2019