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HM Principal Inspector of Railways - Human Factors Specialist

Contract Type
Flexible Hours, Part-Time
Public Sector
Birmingham, Bristol, Glasgow, Manchester, London and York
London - £58,202 - £69,845 - Regional £54,281 - £65,972
Expiry Date
Together you will develop tools and approaches and strategies that support the operation of the rail industry.

Job Description


The successful candidate will be a deeply-experienced human factors professional, having a comprehensive understanding of, ideally, key GB railway human factors’ topics, health management, team management and health & safety regulation. We value this expertise at the Office of Rail and Road (ORR) because, as the independent regulator for Britain’s railways, we will expect you to help drive improvements in the management of system risk and reliability of the rail network. You should demonstrate strong commitment and drive in influencing others.


If not already so qualified, you will first train to become one of our warranted inspectors. Then, reporting to our Specialist Group, you will carry out inspections to develop bodies of work in key human factors topics. You will support incident investigations, sometimes taking on the expert witness role for those areas where you have a proven body of work. You will lead a small team, potentially of other specialists dealing with human factors and health risk, although this may change according to the organisational needs. You will contribute to the technical, operational policy surrounding the implementation of new regulatory requirements and writing of guidance or approaches to assessment. You will mentor or coach inspector colleagues in human factors, periodically delivering training in the discipline. You will drive the implementation of ORR’s human factors strategy and contribute to ORR’s activity on the implementation of industry recommendations. Your technical information will be applied at sites and meetings around the country and potentially internationally. Some will be very high profile.


More broadly, we will look for you to build strong relationships with Network Rail, passenger and freight operators, trade unions, Rail Delivery Group and the Rail Safety and Standards Board. Together you will develop tools and approaches and strategies that support the operation of the rail industry.


As discussed, a thorough knowledge of human factors in the rail or another high hazard sector is vital, the legal basis for applying human factors/health & safety technical information and how this is deployed during incident enforcement work is desirable.


Ideally a Chartered Fellow of the CIEHF, you’ll be a decisive leader and engaging collaborator who can instill change. You should have proven written and oral communication skills, and be an effective presenter of technical content to the layman, a technical audience and other professionals. A good understanding of health risk management in the industry and experience of team management is desirable.



For further information on the role and what we are looking for in a successful candidate, please find Job Brief below

Person specification

Essential Experience

  • Leadership of teams and management of staff remotely located
  • Good experience of working in the rail sector or another high hazard industry as a human factors professional
  • Some health and safety regulation insight and experience


Desirable Experience

  • A diploma in health and safety management or keen to pursue ORR’s competency framework and training to enable qualification as a warranted inspector
  • Experience of delivering training or coaching in human factors technical areas
  • Experience of investigating incidents or regulatory inspection requirements
  • Formation and implementing a strategic or technical approach for effecting improvement in one or more human factors topic areas