Independent Non-Executive Director with Chair of National Lacrosse Committee

Contract Type
Voluntary with reasonable expenses paid
Expiry Date
England Lacrosse is looking to appoint an Independent Non-Executive Director to the England Lacrosse Board of Directors including Chair of the National Lacrosse Committee (NLC) as part of its duties.

Job Description

Role Description

To become an Independent Non-Executive Director (INED) on the England Lacrosse Board and Chair the National Lacrosse Committee.

Person Specification: Non-Executive Director

Applicants for the position of Independent Non-Executive Director should meet the following personal specifications.

Essential Skills:

· Proven track record within a business or commercial development environment.

· Dynamic and innovative thinking to lead and support the organisational and behavioural change agenda for England Lacrosse.

· An understanding of financial and budgetary control of a not-for-profit organisation.

· Experience of strategic planning and management.

· Knowledge of accountability, monitoring and evaluation.

The Role:

· Support the strategic perspective and vision in the delivery of the EL new Business Plan 2024-28.

· To Chair the National Lacrosse Committee (NLC) working with EL staff and key volunteers to achieve the committees objectives and to report to the EL Board on the NLC’s activities.

· Be a member of the Board in fulfilling its responsibilities concerning statutory compliance, the good governance of the organisation, its financial stability and appropriate risk management.

· Represent and champion England Lacrosse by being its advocate and ambassador for the sport at local, regional and national levels.

· Ensure appropriate communication takes place with all major stakeholders.

· Be the guardian of the reputation of England Lacrosse and seek to ensure it is regarded as a supportive, respected and trusted body.

· Provide guidance and support to the CEO and other EL Executive staff in the performance of his/her management responsibilities.

Duties and Obligations

Main Duties

· To support the delivery of the vision, values, 4 Year Business Plan, delivery programmes and company policies.
· To Chair the National Lacrosse Committee (3 meetings per year) and oversee the associated reporting and communication processes to support the objectives of NLC.
· To help create and maintain a positive culture of collaboration and co-operation throughout the organisation.
· To be a functional part of EL Board meetings, ensuring to review all information on the organisation’s performance, to enable sound decisions, effective monitoring and the provision of suitable advice to take place.
· To be an active part in all issues; identifying and ensuring adequate steps are taken to address any potential conflict of interest; and contributing to all matters discussed and agreements reached.
· Be part of the Board’s evaluation of its own performance and support implementation of any action required to improve the performance of the Board.

Fiduciary Duties
· To act as a Director of the English Lacrosse Association Ltd (the Company) in the best interests of the Company with honesty and good faith towards its members, employees, partners, funding agencies, sponsors and of the communities within which the Company operates.
· To use such personal and professional skills together with such contacts, experience and judgment as they may possess with integrity and objectivity to optimise both the short and long term performance of the Company and in particular the areas of their own portfolio of responsibility as agreed from time to time.
· To support the Board to arrive at balanced and objective decisions in the performance of its agreed role and functions.
Board Obligations
· Challenge and contribute to the development of strategy constructively.
· Scrutinise the performance of management in meeting agreed goals and objectives and monitor the reporting of performance.
· Satisfy them that the integrity of financial information and that financial controls and systems of risk management are robust and defensible.
· Ensure that they are consulted upon and participates in succession planning.
· Ensure that they are consulted upon and receives adequate information in a timely fashion about the finances, proposed strategy plans and activities that would have a material effect on the Company.
· Ensure that they have access to such key managers and professional advisors of the Company as may be required to enable the Director to perform their duties.
· Ensure that they fully understand:

the legal obligations of a Director of Company.

the business of the Company and its services.

the sport and territories in which the Company operates.

the roles of staff in the Company and

the Company's organisation, structure and methods of working.

· Ensure that they understand the views of major funding partners, stakeholders and sponsors.

· Insist on a comprehensive, formal and tailored induction.

· Seek continually to develop and refresh knowledge and skills to ensure any contribution to the Board remains informed and relevant and

· Ensure that any concerns, which cannot be resolved about the running of the Company, or a proposed action are recorded in the Board minutes; on resignation provide a written statement to the Chair, for circulation to the Board, with regard to any such concerns.

Independent Non- Executive Director’s Personal and Time Obligations

· Chair all NLC meetings which consist of 3 meetings per year, unless prevented by exceptional circumstances.

· Attend four Board meetings and AGM, which consist of online and face to face meetings 

· Additional online communication maybe required between meetings and attending 1 -2 flagship events per year (not a necessary) requirement.

· Attend the Annual General Meeting and such other Extraordinary General Meetings as may be necessary.

· Ensure obligations as an Independent Non-executive Director required by law, the Company's Memorandum and Articles of Association, and decisions of the General Meetings.

· Disclose immediately any personal interest in any activity of the Company and take no further part in any Board or Committee discussion of the matter.